TII sharpens its brand positioning:

industry specialists, TII SCHEUERLE and TII KAMAG, with high innovative strength and modern corporate design at the bauma

The TII Group is modernising its brand presence for the bauma trade show, thus sharpening the company’s brand positioning and familiarising all customers with the comprehensive product range. The strong and identity-forming umbrella brand, TII, represents a combination of tradition and modernity. With this future-looking reorientation, TII makes it very clear that customers are not only buying an innovative product from the company but are also receiving a reliable partnership that will last for the entire service life of the vehicle. In this way, TII underscores the promise given to customers that enables them to achieve top performances with their future-oriented products, as well as genuinely moving the world – a claim reflected in the company motto ‘TII: Move the World’.

The industry experts at TII have been producing technologically leading transport and manoeuvring solutions for the industry and transport logistics sector with great passion for more than 150 years. To this day, the needs of the customers drive TII SCHEUERLE and TII KAMAG to provide the best possible solutions to efficiently deal with customers’ tasks. With their extraordinary industry experience and expertise, the teams of experts enable their customers to solve the wide range of complex tasks while working closely together. It is the aim of the engineers and technicians to fully engage and collaborate with the customer in order to develop the transport solution that is tailor-made to suit the individual application. Dr Gerald Karch, CEO of TII, makes it absolutely clear: ‘TII embodies the fusion of modernity and tradition. Not only do we offer innovative and practical transport and manoeuvring solutions, but we also attach great importance to reliability and customer orientation. Using solutions from TII, our customers are able to move the world! This message is also emphasised through our trade fair motto “TII: Move the World”.’

This motto applies regardless of the size and scope of the customer’s project. TII’s mission is to meet the requirements of all transport challenges reliably and in a spirit of partnership irrespective of whether they are small, large or very special tasks. ‘TII works tirelessly to enable its customers to always perform at their best. Customers don’t just buy a product from TII but also a partnership that lasts for the entire service life of the vehicle and beyond,’ explains Dr Gerald Karch, CEO of TII.

The pronounced customer focus plays a central role in TII’s approach. The traditional group of companies, now man-aged by the third generation of the Rettenmaier family, is oriented towards the long term. Consistency, a passion for the task, and a high degree of reliability are the main concerns of TII. The extraordinary industry expertise of the TII specialists along with their innovative spirit also arise from decades of activity. This special customer relationship is reflected in the new corporate design at this year’s bauma trade show.

Clear-cut industry allocation for TII SCHEUERLE and TII KAMAG

The innovative strength of the group of companies is based on the extensive know-how of the industry specialists TII SCHEUERLE and TII KAMAG. The new brand identity emphasises their affiliation with TII. The respective competencies of TII SCHEUERLE and TII KAMAG are clearly allocated. TII SCHEUERLE is the specialist for heavy-goods transport solutions for on- and off-road assignments. This includes solutions for the construction and energy industries, as well as those for the aerospace and shipping sectors, among others. TII KAMAG, in turn, develops solutions for in-house transportation tasks. These include vehicles for yard logistics and the metallurgy industry, as well as vehicles specially developed for a particular application. ‘The modernised brand architecture facilitates a clear allocation of industry and areas of application of our customers to the two industry specialists. This enables us to engage with our customers even better and more directly. In turn, our customers can identify our range of solutions even more clearly,’ explains Dr Gerald Karch.

Visitors can find out more about the new brand image and brand positioning at the bauma fair at the TII pavilion on TII’s stand (FN828) in the Outdoor Exhibition Area North.