We really take care of your vehicles. With our premium TII KAMAG vehicle service, we always keep your transport solutions in good shape. Through our predictive maintenance process, we ensure maximum value retention together with the greatest possible vehicle availability. Reduce any downtime with fast and reliable TII KAMAG repairs. Or treat your KAMAG vehicles to the latest technical standards with TII KAMAG retrofit vehicle upgrades.

Maintenance - For excellent value retention.

Regular maintenance increases the availability of your TII KAMAG vehicle and ensures that the operability is as trouble-free as possible. Naturally, we do everything we can to guarantee that you have as little downtime as possible due to maintenance.

The TII KAMAG team of professionals are available to you worldwide via our service partners and repair shops. We are also happy to pick up your vehicles,  carry out the maintenance or repairs and then return them to you.* Alternatively, a skilled TII KAMAG mechanic can carry out the required work on your premises.  

With KAMAG Connect your TII fleet reaches a new level. You have a complete overview and can use predictive maintenance to ensure maximum vehicle availability and value retention with minimal downtime.

Repairs - Fast and reliable.

Sometimes, it simply cannot be avoided - your TII KAMAG vehicle malfunctions in the middle of operation. Now speed is of the essence. In the best possible scenario, the damage/fault has already been recognised and analysed by TII KAMAG Connect. Repair shop appointments are booked digitally with the responsible service partner or at the authorised workshop, or the repairs are initiated on site directly on the TII KAMAG vehicle.

The global, close-knit network of service partners and authorised workshops facilitates maximum speed and reliability when repairing your vehicles.

The spare parts required for the repair are sent from the warehouse, if necessary, by overnight express. As a result, downtimes are kept to a minimum, operating costs are reduced and the value of the vehicles is retained.

Retrofit - Future-proof through technical updates.

With the TII KAMAG retrofit, all your TII KAMAG vehicles are always kept up-to-date. Our service enables you to have your vehicles retrofitted with the very latest technology. From increasing the payload and optimising performance through to retrofitting new options or adapting to suit changing conditions such as in the production.

Your advantages:

  • Cost savings through modernisation
  • No time-consuming briefing sessions or personnel training
  • Improvement in vehicle performance
  • Increase in productivity
  • Longer vehicle service life

* only possible for TII KAMAG yard logistics solutions.

  • Future-proof technology
  • Compliance with all legal requirements
  • Availability of spare parts
  • Minimisation of downtimes
  • Fast return-on-investment