If everything revolves around wind

Tailwind for your flexibility

The urgent desire for more independence from fossil-based energies and a rapid energy transition gives renewable sources, especially on and offshore wind, increasingly more momentum. As a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty transport vehicles, we provide you with reliable transport solutions from a single source which you bring to your destination efficiently and with maximum flexibility.

Your advantages when you count on TII:

  • Future-safe and reliable quality products
  • Enhanced planning reliability
  • Simplified transport permits
  • Manoeuvrable vehicle solutions
  • Efficient transport technologies


As an energy company, manufacturer of wind power plants and also a service provider for heavy-load transports, you are well aware that wind power facility components for the offshore sector are becoming increasingly larger, higher and heavier. Today, it is not uncommon for monopiles to weigh 2,500 t and gondolas around 1,000 t. And, if this was not enough:  in the oil and gas sector, the numerous wind energy companies can very often, in purely mathematical terms, only confront this in one way: by moving to technically and geologically less suitable regions.  There is virtually nowhere where smooth production processes and intelligent logistics concepts are as important as in the field of offshore wind power. In order to save time and therefore money, the extremely heavy loads have to be transported from production to the storage facility and then from there to the ship as quickly as possible – and in a very tight spaces.

The reliable solution

We realise transport solutions with which you can safely and reliably bring your offshore components from A to B – from production to the storage facility and subsequently to the harbour. With our reliable, flexible and future-proof transport solutions, you can move everything. Always. Safely.


As an established crane operator or specialised freight forwarder, the reality of your work in the onshore sector is characterised by the transport of turbines, the performance of which has doubled in the meantime. Hubs are now 50% larger while rotors can now reach incredible lengths of 170m. If this trend continues, roads will need to be upgraded along with widening paved and asphalted surfaces in order to safely position onshore components.  As developers strive to reduce energy costs, wind farms are becoming larger, more difficult and ever more remote. This increases the technical challenge of transporting the turbine components to the site and assembling them there but the larger the tower sections mean that fewer transport routes can be used. The increasing size and weight of wind turbine components require precise route planning. Because every additional centimetre or every additional kilogramme can prevent the best route to the site being used which, in turn, has a negative impact on the project costs. For the transport of rotor blades longer than 80 m, space must be created and permits obtained for the entire route. The further wind farm construction advances into remote areas, the longer the route to the site and the worse the available infrastructure are whereby tunnels and bridges also pose an additional challenge.

The reliable solution

To ensure that you remain capable of acting, we design vehicle solutions with which you can also successfully manage oversized transports - also in terms of time and budget. We know your industry inside-out and are masters of our profession. With our vehicle technologies, you can move onshore components reliably, safely and efficiently. As a result of the design, TII SCHEUERLE WindSolutions is in a position avoid expensive route changes or detours. By using our heavy-load solutions, you can move onshore components to the site faster, more reliably and with less upfront investment. This makes every onshore project a complete success.