SCHEUERLE | BladeLifter 

The SCHEUERLE BladeLifter is the transport solution of the future for the wind energy sector. With its load moment of up to 900 mt, the adapter is suitable for rotor blades that are up to 100 metres long or even longer. More is not possible. The rotor blade adapter can be used flexibly and guarantees the best manoeuvring options through its set-up angle of 60° along with its rotatability. As a result, narrow streets, obstacles, zigzag mountain roads and hairpin bends are safely mastered. The adapter can be mounted on pulled vehicle combinations as well as self-propelled modules. The rotor blade quick-change system ensures more efficiency in transport operations.

Your advantages when you count on the SCHEUERLE BladeLifter:

  • 900 mt maximum load moment makes the investment future-proof
  • Variable vehicle widths of 3 m and 3.49 m enhances the flexibility and reduces costs for road transport upgrades
  • Maximum set-up angle of 60° ensures the best manoeuvrability
  • Height-adjustability option increases the flexibility for accommodating larger rotor blades
  • 12 t axle line load facilitates a simplified approval procedure in Germany (and also in part in other European countries)

Product details

Product Details