Your strategic advantage

Our defence solutions – reliable in all situations

As a manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles with more than 150 years of experience, we offer you a wide range of defence-related logistics solutions for the transport of heavy, sensitive and valuable loads of all kinds. The spectrum ranges from armored tank flat-bed trailers through to self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT). Our defence solutions bring your loads to their destinations safely, quickly and reliably - regardless whether you need highly mobile off-road heavy transport solutions or special solutions for your particular application.

Your advantages when you count on TII:

  • 150 years of experience in manufacturing heavy-duty vehicles
  • Reliability and quality in every situation
  • Highly mobile heavy transport solutions
  • A real partnership

Our solution portfolio

Our solution portfolio includes armored tank flat-bed trailers, semi-trailers, heavy-duty modules and powered solutions for off-road heavy transport operations.

Lowbed Trailer 0+2 axes

Lowbed Trailer 0+3 axes

Lowbed Trailer 0+4 axes

Heavy Equipment Trailer (HET)