Your industry specialist - ensuring that difficult tasks become easy

The tasks involved in transporting and precisely manoeuvring the heaviest and most valuable loads are becoming increasingly more complex and demanding around the world. Making difficult things easy for you is therefore our greatest motivation. We develop reliable transportation and manoeuvring solutions to make sure that you can transport heavy loads to their destinations as safely and quickly as possible. These can be configured to suit the specific application and guarantee maximum flexibility - supported by an experienced, reliable service that is in close proximity to customers worldwide.

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Our heavy-duty transport solutions

Flexibly configurable for all applications.

The perfect solution for every situation

As an experienced industry partner and specialist for heavy transport, we develop transport solutions for meeting your requirements. In this way, we make it possible for you to easily avoid expensive route changes, additional permit applications, conversion measures and downtimes. Thanks to the flexible configurability of our transport solutions, these can be individually adapted to suit your challenges. Regardless of which industry you are active in.

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Dealers and workshops

With our global network of partner companies, we are always in close proximity. Get in touch with us.

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Spare Parts

With more than 3,500 parts in stock and our optimised logistics system, we guarantee you short delivery times, even overnight. 

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