Simulation of load cases and heavy-duty transports

Through the SALSA simulation software, we can offer valuable and efficient support during the planning of your load cases. Our many years of experience with vehicle technology and the SALSA software, which has been tried and tested for almost two decades now, we are your link between practice and TII SCHEUERLE vehicle technology. The extended "SALSA Plus" program from TII SCHEUERLE allows determining the fifth-wheel and axle loads in connection with a freely definable load as well as additional load while taking into account the tractor unit for all TII SCHEUERLE road vehicles. In addition, the system checks the frame load of the vehicle combination and shows at a glance by means of a coloured bar chart whether the planned combination exceeds or complies with the permissible bending moments. Furthermore, investigations with self-propelled vehicles such as the SCHEUERLE SPMT or heavy-duty modules including bolster combinations or multi-file combinations (side-by-side) are possible. 

We can offer you:

  • Competent advice on questions about axle and frame loads 
  • Checking the stability while taking variable operating conditions into account 
  • Route simulations of our heavy-duty vehicles in narrow areas and bottlenecks 
  • Checking the technical axle compensation  
  • Providing support through technical documents and verifications 
  • Creation of steering diagrams, dimensional sketches, load diagrams and load cases for the selected combination  
  • Creation of the tractrix curves in the top view with freely selectable routes 
  • Checking the connectability of the components with a filter for pre-selection
  • Checking possible problems on the transport route with the help of aerial photos or DWG drawings 
  • Possibility of recording and evaluating obstacles with the help of a position detector directly on site  
  • Calculations for the stability  
  • Hydraulic 3-point or 4-point support 
  • Calculating the hydraulic axle compensation when negotiating a ramp (gradient)  
  • Separate calculation of the tractor axle loads 
  • Possibility of entering multiple loads 
  • Calculation of the deflection and specification of the required pre-loading on the frame 

Contact our experts 

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The SALSA range of services

3D representation of your heavy-duty transports

The further development of support group-dependent load case studies are the main features of the SALSA Plus program in relation to the load and axle load distribution of the vehicle simulation. The different hydraulic circuits including gooseneck with a 3 and 4-point support can be simulated in a vehicle plan view. The existing payload from Salsa 2D can be accepted and further configured. Load cases such as lateral/longitudinal inclination, braking, wind and cornering can be entered via parameters and the axle load distribution as well as stability can be calculated in relation to the respective tipping line. 

Precise simulation of the axle compensation 

With the help of the gradient function, the permissible hydraulic axle compensation of the vehicle combination can be simulated. Geometrical generation of a height profile, e.g. in the form of a roadway dip, camber or ramp. Adjustment of the lifting stroke in the predefined support groups. Simulation of a range of hills over the course of the geometry including loading. Checking the compensation on the gooseneck and evaluating the permissible hydraulic axle compensation. Graphic representation of the inclined vehicle combination and display of the vehicle's longitudinal inclination. 

Simulation of the tractrix curves 

The SALSA Plus simulation software uses the possibility of the “tractrix curve” module from Geovision. This includes a complete geometry and steering-dependent vehicle simulation. In the process, the area required is calculated either for the entire combination including the load or separately. The depiction takes place directly on the screen in the form of an aerial photo or graphically in a site plan (DWG). It is possible to optimise the driving curve via a rear steering function and to evaluate bottlenecks and narrow areas in heavy-duty and large-volume transports. Different platform trailers are available as semi-trailer, trailer or bolster combinations for determining the space requirements. 

You have licenced our Salsa simulation software and would like to deepen your practical knowledge of using the program?

Our service team trains you or your staff in the correct and efficient handling of Salsa. In our in-house service centre, you will learn how to create tractrix curves, steering , dimensional sketches and load diagrams in a practice-oriented manner. We would be happy to create a training programme tailored to meet your needs. Let us advise you without any obligation! 


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