Your industry specialist ensuring that processes run efficiently and smoothly

Whoever wants to achieve maximum productivity in their manufacturing and logistics procedures requires trouble-free and efficient processes. For this, TII KAMAG develops sturdy and durable vehicles that are perfectly tailored to accommodate the customer's respective task. The extremely tough conditions present in the metal industry and compliance with cycle times in the assembly and goods handling are just two examples highlighting that maximum productivity requires reliable processes. With the KAMAG slag pot carrier, for example, our customers can effortlessly move over 100 tonnes of liquid metal - while with the KAMAG Precision series, swap bodies and semi-trailers are manoeuvred with the utmost precision in logistics yards.

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Our solutions for internal transport operations

Specially developed for your specific applications.

Solutions for yard logistics

As an experienced industry partner and specialist for transport solutions in handling operations, we provide you with comprehensive support for keeping your yard running efficiently. With our know-how, we guarantee providing you with industry-optimised vehicle solutions for smooth and problem-free processes.

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Solutions for the metallurgical industry

The range of vehicle solutions from TII KAMAG is as wide as the range of transport tasks in this industry. Scrap management, molten steel or slag, slabs and semi-finished products: Wherever a transport task is set, we provide the right solution. Safety, reliability and precision are always in the foreground.

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Special solutions from TII KAMAG

Rocket transporter, slab transporter, rail vehicle transporter, antenna transporter, straddle carrier: The list of custom-made vehicles by TII KAMAG is long. Nothing is impossible and TII KAMAG customers benefit, especially when it comes to unusual and exceptional tasks, from the combined concentrated know-how of all member companies in the TII Group.

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Dealers and workshops

With our global network of partner companies, we are always in close proximity. Get in touch with us.

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Spare parts

With more than 3,500 parts in stock and our optimised logistics system, we guarantee you short delivery times, even overnight.

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