KAMAG | SlabCarrier

The KAMAG | SlabCarrier is the ideal solution for steel and rolling mills that need to transport hot or cold slabs safely and efficiently from point A to point B. With a payload capacity of up to 150 tons and various product sizes available for different payloads and slab sizes, it is highly versatile.

The individually adapted slab tong allows for the safe handling of slabs, while the specially developed power unit ensures optimal performance for industrial applications.

The KAMAG | SlabCarrier enables a fast and efficient loading and unloading process for slabs transport within the plant. With decades of experience and extensive expertise, we can develop tailored transport solutions to meet specific requirements.

In addition, the Slab Carrier has been ergonomically designed for the driver, featuring a spacious cabin for a comfortable working environment, even during long transport routes. Numerous safety features, such as state-of-the-art driver assistance systems, ensure that the driver is supported and accidents can be avoided.

Your advantages when you count on KAMAG | SlabCarrier:

  • Robust and heat-resistant construction
  • Ergonomically optimised and comprehensively equipped driver's cab
  • Flexible and efficient handling of hot and cold slabs
  • Many years of know-how in special vehicle construction

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