Partner for South America:

TREX now responsible for the sales and servicing of TII SCHEUERLE products

TREX, the specialist for the selling and distribution of mobile cranes, lifting devices and equipment for cargo handling at ports, has taken over the sales and service operations of all transport and manoeuvring solutions from TII SCHEUERLE in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile. Through TREX, TII SCHEUERLE has gained a partner who knows the exact needs of customers in the region and has the know-how in order to carry out the service and maintenance on SCHEUERLE vehicles. The collaboration opens up the market segment for TREX regarding transport solutions for extremely heavy and oversized loads. On the other hand, TII SCHEUERLE can benefit even more from the growing demand for special vehicles in Latin America.

TII Group subsidiary, TII SCHEUERLE, the industry specialist for on and off-road heavy transport assignments, has gained an additional sales and service partner in South America through its cooperation with TREX. The company is part of the Peruvian Ferreycorp Group and specialises in the distribution of high quality mobile cranes, equipment for cargo handling in ports and as well as a range of lifting equipment, and is now also responsible for the selling and distribution of all TII SCHEUERLE transport and manoeuvring solutions in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile. TREX maintains its own sales offices in the region. In addition to the trade in vehicles, the partnership with TII SCHEUERLE also includes service and maintenance of transport equipment along with the supply of spare parts.

“TII SCHEUERLE is a globally recognised premium brand and, with its broad product portfolio for satisfying the most demanding areas of use, provides the best solutions for the reliable transportation of heavy and oversized loads in the most challenging application segments. The collaboration with TII SCHEUERLE offers us the opportunity to open up the market for modular transport solutions especially when it comes to dealing with oversized loads. The quality of TII SCHEUERLE’s products gives us the certainty that our product range meets market requirements and furthermore create added value in the market,” explained Gonzalo Salazar Arenas, Central Business Manager TREX LATAM.

An ideal partner: TREX has extensive know-how in servicing hydraulics

“TREX has been selling high quality mobile cranes and a range of lifting equipment in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile for more than two decades now which also includes to the construction and mining industries. That's why we know our customers extremely well because there are a lot of similarities here. This makes TREX the ideal partner for TII SCHEUERLE,” explained Maximilian Seer, the TII Group Area Sales Manager responsible for the region. “In addition, TREX has the special know-how in the area of hydraulic systems which is essential for carrying out service and maintenance on TII SCHEUERLE’s transport solutions. “Furthermore, it goes without saying that TREX provides a first-class customer service,” he added. TREX is therefore the perfect partner for performing service and maintenance work on TII SCHEUERLE vehicles.

Other TREX services include training programmes for operators and technicians of the various brands sold by TREX that are carried out by its own experts as well as the stocking of a wide range of spare parts.

Even closer to the customer: TII SCHEUERLE benefits from regions in South America with high-demand markets

Through its cooperation with TREX, TII SCHEUERLE is able to move even closer to the region's customers. This enables TII SCHEUERLE to advise customers even more directly and, if required, to provide help even more quickly. In addition, customers from TREX's sales regions have a great need for special transport and manoeuvring solutions for handling extremely heavy and oversized loads such as installations and components for energy generation and the utilisation of wind power. For the TII Group subsidiary, this opens up additional growth potential for the Pfedelbach-based industry specialist regarding on and off-road heavy transport solutions.

Left to right: Víctor Otero Pizarro (TREX), Thomas Ziegler (TII SCHEUERLE), Maximilian Seer (TII SCHEUERLE), Gonzalo Salazar Arenas (TREX)