Innovative, economical and practical:

transport solutions from TII strengthen the construction and energy industries while also promoting sustainability

With their innovative vehicles, TII subsidiaries enable transport fleets to comfortably handle the most demanding tasks in an economically efficient manner. This is facilitated by expertise acquired over decades and a pronounced understanding of customer requirements. In addition, transport solutions from TII contribute to greater sustainability. Realisation of the plant and supply infrastructure required for the energy transition is not possible without special transport. This was confirmed by the renowned sustainability expert Professor F. J. Raderma-cher at the TII stand.

The goal of achieving climate neutrality by the middle of the 21st century is necessary in order to limit global warm-ing. A key success factor for this is the implementation of a successful energy transition. In order for the switch to renewable energies and decarbonisation to succeed, special transports for the construction of facilities, power sta-tions and supply infrastructure are essential. A detailed explanation was given by the economist and sustainability researcher Professor Franz-Josef Radermacher during his presentation at the TII booth on 26 October. With their innovative, economically efficient special vehicles, the subsidiaries of the Heilbronn-based TII Group are fully support-ing the energy transition process.

Transport solutions from TII – the first choice of the construction and energy industries

Transport and manoeuvring solutions from TII offer virtually unlimited application possibilities. At bauma 2022, TII brands, TII SCHEUERLE and TII KAMAG have expanded their range of transport solutions and value-added services for the construction and energy industries in line with key customer needs – in particular, to further optimise transport efficiency, operating costs, ease of use and transport safety.
The new K25 L – the specialist for loads with high centres of gravity

TII SCHEUERLE has developed the K25 L especially for the wind industry. Importantly, the modular platform trailers are also suitable for all other applications which have been designed to handle loads that generate high point loads and simultaneously have a high load centre of gravity. This is where the K25 L – the L (low) refers to the particularly low platform height – scores heavily through its high degree of flexibility, overall vehicle stability as well as driving stability.

The WT70 – the pinnacle of wind tower transport

Accommodating payloads of up to 140 tonnes, the WT70 can be considered the premium class for the transportation of tower segments. Here, the payload and length of the transport are in an ideal ratio, as the axle lines of the leading and trailing unit combination can be put together according to payload requirements. The WT70 also transports wind tower segments for the most powerful wind turbines safely and economically on the roads. Furthermore, the system offers all vehicle fleets a high level of investment security due to the high payload reserves.

EuroCompact U7 – more flexibility in the compact vehicle segment

The new EuroCompact U7, for use in the payload class from 60 to 120 tonnes, is the economical solution for transport-ing construction machinery, rock crushers, transformers and other heavy equipment. Where others use modular vehicle concepts, TII SCHEUERLE is able to offer a significantly more compact, more manoeuvrable and more eco-nomical vehicle with the EuroCompact U7, which also offers advantages regarding approval procedures and empty runs. In addition, the customer can combine the new model with the add-on SmartAxle bogie and three different goosenecks, thus being able to optimally adapt it to suit payload requirements and fifth-wheel load. This also pays off in terms of cost-effectiveness. Also outstanding are the particularly easy operability and excellent ergonomics of the series as well as the Clever Coupling System which facilitates a noticeably easier separation of the gooseneck and SmartAxle.

EuroCompact FL02 – a high level of operating convenience and attractive operating costs

The FL02 is the second representative of the EuroCompact series. The entry-level model in the EuroCompact world boasts, among other things, a payload of up to 36 tonnes as well as a particularly low deck loading height along with an optimal combination length to loading length ratio. Whether it is construction machinery, steel and concrete com-ponents, or containers – the FL02 scores with its enormously flexible operational capability and uncomplicated han-dling, and fully complies with the single-driver regulation, even with the telescope extended.

SPMT PowerHoss – now even more payload per module

The SPMT PowerHoss is the extremely manoeuvrable all-rounder for internal logistics; for example, when it comes to manoeuvring the heaviest of components such as large excavator parts and tower crane elements on construction sites or tunnel-boring machines with millimetre precision. Another decisive advantage of the SPMT PowerHoss, in addition to its versatility, are the very low training requirements for the operator – the ‘plug-and-play’ principle ap-plies here. TII SCHEUERLE has just recently rounded off the PowerHoss range with the addition of the six-axle SPMT PowerHoss 330. An impressive 330 tonnes of payload are available here per module. If more is needed, then the individual modules can be simply and conveniently connected either mechanically or electronically and moved using vehicle combinations.

Bestseller SPMT – in demand worldwide for 40 years

The big brother, an SPMT six-axle, was also on display in Munich. Thanks to the wide range of coupling options, SPMT modules offer theoretically unlimited payloads and are used, among other things, when road, motorway and railway bridges or steel structures are to be installed or dismantled. In the meantime, the SPMT has set numerous world records for the transport of, for example, entire oil and gas platforms and, most recently, an evaporation installation with a weight of over 17,000 tonnes. Thanks to their versatility, and because they can be transported to locations worldwide due to the container dimensions, the transport modules introduced in 1983 quickly became TII SCHEU-ERLE’s bestselling products. They will be celebrating a special anniversary next year. The SPMT, which was intro-duced by TII SCHEUERLE, will have been synonymous with this transport technology for 40 years.

TIIGER UHD – the robust heavy-lift specialist for cost-sensitive markets

TII offers the TIIGER UHD which has been specially designed for the emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America. The technology of the modular platform vehicle is based on the functionalities of the K25 series. The TIIGER UHD offers robust technology and an attractive cost–benefit ratio and can be combined with many other transport modules in the existing fleet of vehicles.

TII Group subsidiaries set standards in service

Vehicles from TII transport valuable shipments worldwide and, as a means of transport for plant logistics, keep indus-trial companies and logistics centres operational. The constant availability of the transporter is therefore a core cus-tomer requirement. Thereby, the TII telematics solution provides a valuable service here. As a result, TII service experts can provide help and support far more quickly. In connection with the global service network and the Click4Parts online shop, customers receive help in the shortest possible time and can conveniently order spare parts 24/7. Vehicle operators, on the other hand, can always keep an eye on the level of utilisation, the technical condition and operating costs of their vehicles via the telematics dashboard. The integrated approach starting with the pro-curement of the new vehicle through to the supply of existing vehicles with premium spare parts makes TII a lifelong, reliable partner for its customers.

A combination featuring the K25L and WT70 – for wind tower segments of the most powerful wind turbines.

The new EuroCompact U7 scores with its manoeuvrability and is designed for transporting heavy equipment whilst being easy to operate.

EuroCompact FL02 offers a high payload and attractive operating costs.

SPMT PowerHoss330 – a compact all-rounder; ‘plug and play’ with minimal driver training.

TIIGER UHD – specially developed for markets that are less regulated.