Efficient and clean in the long term:

retrofitting ensures longer service times for the KAMAG IHT

South Korean transport and logistics service provider, Poslogitec, has one of the first KAMAG industrial lift transporters (IHT) to be modernised. Thanks to the new, state-of-the-art drive unit, the special vehicle not only efficiently operates with low emissions and low noise but is also significantly more economical. The supply of spare parts has likewise been secured for many years to come. Poslogitec, a partner transport company of the steel producer, POSCO, has been using industrial vehicles from TII KAMAG since the late 1990s. Many of these are still in use today due to their high durability and reliability.

The South Korean transport and logistics service provider, Poslogitec, has been purchasing KAMAG industrial lift transporters (IHT) since the late 1990s. Since then, the vehicles from TII KAMAG, the TII Group specialist for in-plant transportation, have proved their extraordinary qualities time and time again. In the port of the Kwangyang steel-works which is owned by POSCO (Pohang Iron and Steel Company), one of the largest steel producers in the world, Poslogitec vehicles are in use 24/7 and primarily transport steel sheet rolls. “The fact that we have been using KAMAG industrial transporters for so long proves that they are extremely durable and can be used economically and efficiently in the long term,” explained Jung-Ju Choi, head of the Poslogitec maintenance team. “Before purchasing the first units, we compared vehicles from different manufacturers and chose the TII KAMAG models in particular be-cause of their robustness,” he said.

Retrofitting expands the range of functions, efficiency and sustainability while securing the supply of spare parts
The number of KAMAG IHTs operating in the port of the Kwangyang steelworks has now increased to around 70. After a long period of use, more than four decades in some cases, it makes sense to bring the tried and tested IHTs up to the current state-of-the-art standard. Adaptation to accommodate new transport tasks, functional enhancements, performance optimisation and the best possible environmental compatibility speak heavily in favour of modernisation or retrofitting carried out by the specialists at TII KAMAG. In the process, the industry expert uses only the most modern components from its portfolio which gives these valuable vehicles an extended service life whereby the sup-ply of spare parts is also guaranteed.

TII KAMAG provides training for technical experts from the regional sales and service partners
The oldest KAMAG IHTs in the Poslogitec fleet, for example, still have air-cooled engines which are be replaced by Stage V PowerPacks (PPU) with modern exhaust after-treatment systems. Now, the first IHT - a model with five axle lines, 110-tonne payload capacity and an underfloor cabin - has undergone a comprehensive modernisation makeover. The retrofit was carried out by KAMAG-trained experts from the South Korean KAMAG sales and service partner, KILWOO. The Korean importer has been working with the industry experts from the TII Group, TII KAMAG and TII SCHEUERLE, for more than 20 years. In addition to KAMAG industrial vehicles such as the IHT and SPC (Slag Pot Carrier), the programme also includes SHT (Ship Yard Transporter) and SPMT modules from TII SCHEUERLE.

The retrofit included the welding on of a new rear end with space for an exhaust gas after-treatment unit and replacing the existing engine with a new PPU complete with a modern status display. TII KAMAG had previously pre-assembled and tested the PowerPack (PPU) consisting of the engine, pump assembly, cooling unit and tanks. KILWOO also installed the engine's electrical system and repainted the IHT.

New PPU significantly reduces pollutant and noise emissions
The time and effort were worth it. Service expert Jung-Ju Choi is very satisfied with the results: “The new drive unit has reduced noise and pollutant emissions. This not only protects the environment but also reduces stress levels for the operators,” he explained. His service technicians are particularly impressed with the new display which makes any diagnostic analysis of the drive unit considerably easier to carry out.
Poslogitec has already been able to determine one important aspect: fuel consumption has fallen by around 30 per cent which, at the same time, significantly improves the environmental and economic balance of the KAMAG IHT. The head of Poslogitec's maintenance team praised the durability and safe operation of the industrial lift transporter as well as the low maintenance costs when compared to similar products from other brands.

Poslogitec values fast service and high availability of spare parts
Jung-Ju Choi is also very impressed by the professional and fast service provided by TII KAMAG and its contract part-ner KILWOO. The technicians of the TII Group's Korean partner usually carry out repairs and maintenance directly at the customer's site. However, very complex work such as retrofitting is carried out in their own workshops near Dangjin, a city on the west coast of South Korea in the Chungcheongnamdo province. In addition, KILWOO maintains its own components warehouse thus ensuring high and fast availability of spare parts. “It is a great advantage that KAMAG can train KILWOO’s technicians. This is not the case for all service companies in this segment,” stated Jung-Ju Choi. The transport and logistics specialist’s verdict carries a lot of weight. After all, the company operates many of the 70 units in the steelworks most of which have payloads of 110 and 150 tonnes.

Retrofit offer applies to virtually all KAMAG industrial vehicles
TII KAMAG's retrofit offer applies to almost all of its own types of vehicles. In addition to functional and sustainability upgrades, it is also used after accidents; for example, repairing fire damage. Before the actual retrofitting takes place, experts from TII KAMAG inspect the vehicle on site in order to estimate the time and effort involved. Exactly where the vehicle is modernised depends on the customer's options as well as transport budgets.

The first IHT at Poslogitiec underwent a complete modernisation

Sales and service partner KILWOO was responsible for the retrofit activities.