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Wacker relies on the EuroCompact 0+3 from SCHEUERLE:

The premium vehicle for transporting construction machinery

  • EuroCompact 0+3 is the all-rounder in the payload segment up to 40 tonnes
  • Excellent payload-to-dead weight ratio
  • Customer rating for EuroCompact: “SCHEUERLE stands for excellence!”
  • Outstanding service: "We at Wacker are absolutely delighted!"


The SCHEUERLE EuroCompact low-bed trailer with the 0+3 axle configuration and telescopic slab deck is the ideal all-rounder at Filderstadt-based Wacker for all machine transports with payloads of up to 40 tonnes. Due to the excellent steering response, the low-bed semi-trailer accommodates even the tightest of corners without any problems. In addition, the Wacker team is very impressed regarding the excellent service partnership with SCHEUERLE along with the vehicle manufacturer´s close proximity to its customers.

Apply the trailer brakes and press down slightly on the accelerator - moments later, the low-bed deck on the EuroCompact low-bed trailer from SCHEUERLE has been extended by two metres. With a few, but well-practised movements, driver Dominik Rüster separates the gooseneck of the EuroCompact and moves the tractor forwards. Only a few minutes later, a 40-tonne dump truck has been securely positioned on the low-bed deck of the EuroCompact 0+3 (0+3 is a combination consisting of a gooseneck without a bogie unit and three pendulum axles at the rear). It takes less than an hour for the dumper to be loaded and the 71-tonne tractor trailer combination to be made ready for departure. Once learned, never forgotten - and truck driver Rüster is a seasoned professional and regular driver for construction company and freight forwarder Wacker from Filderstadt.EuroCompact stands for an excellent payload-and-dead weight ratio
Professional work operations also requires the use of professional equipment: Whether it is dump trucks, excavators, crushing plant, wheel loaders or caterpillar-type vehicles - with the versatile SCHEUERLE EuroCompact 0+3, Wacker transports all work and construction machinery that are used for payloads of up to 40 tonnes. The EuroCompact 0+3 is one of three low-bed trailers from SCHEUERLE, a subsidiary of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) owned by the Otto Rettenmaier entrepreneurial family, in the company's fleet of vehicles. The EuroCompact 0+3 has a high payload and a very favourable dead weight-to-payload ratio. It thereby takes on the role of the all-rounder in the payload segment of up to 40 tonnes. And at Wacker, there are more than enough tasks for such a versatile talent. The company specialises in demolition work and recycling as well as road construction. In addition, Wacker also undertakes transportation assignments for third parties as is the case with the transport of the approx. 40-tonne dump truck from the rental vehicle fleet of a large manufacturer of construction machinery.

High manoeuvrability is one of the great strengths of the EuroCompact
From the Quarzsand Lang facility in Gschwend, south of Schwäbisch Hall, where the dump truck was used as a replacement vehicle for a two-month period due to repair operations, it was scheduled to be delivered to the next customer in Mundelsheim near Heilbronn. The load had to travel through the Ostalb district and then join the A6 motorway at Schwäbisch Hall. Here, the EuroCompact 0+3 ably demonstrated one of the great strengths of this series: the high level of manoeuvrability. In spite of the combined vehicle length of 22 metres and a width of 3.8 metres, Wacker driver Dominik Rüster remained far from reaching his operational limits. On the contrary: "It is really a lot of fun to drive the narrow streets with the EuroCompact because it is so manoeuvrable and therefore feels very compact," he said. An outstanding feature that the EuroCompact 0+3 showcased on this trip a number of times when negotiating the sharp hairpin bends of the federal highways that wind through the heavily wooded areas on the route to Schwäbisch Hall as well as the narrow crossroads in the small towns.

“SCHEUERLE stands for excellence!”
Rüster routinely completed the last stage on the A6 motorway. The dump truck subsequently arrived safely at the gravel quarry of the next customer. Driver Dominik Rüster and his reliable piece of work equipment, the EuroCompact 0+3, have done a great job. Wacker is also very impressed about the qualities of the EuroCompact 0+3. "SCHEUERLE stands for excellence!" stated Wacker employee, Alexander Pfänder, who assigned the vehicle. The EuroCompact 0+3 has greatly enhanced the fleet´s capabilities for a year now. During this time, the vehicle has proved on numerous occasions that it is not only technologically advanced and extremely versatile but also very robust.

In continuous use and under heavy load: you can rely on EuroCompact  
The low-bed trailers are usually subjected to a high degree of stress by Wacker operatives during work assignments. They are mainly used in pits, plant facilities and construction sites - wherever dirt and debris mean potential damage and high wear on the rolling units. As a rule, maintenance and repair are limited to exchanging only the wear parts on the EuroCompact. "In this segment, this really is a demonstration of outstanding quality", confirmed Pfänder. Furthermore, the EuroCompact only has a few bearing positions which keeps maintenance requirements to a minimum. Likewise, the contact with the workshop management from SCHEUERLE is just as good as the vehicle technology. “Communication between SCHEUERLE´s workshop management and Wacker functions very reliably whereby there is always someone who is always ready to deal with our concerns. SCHEUERLE employees also positively respond to our special requests; for example, if we want to have a component retrofitted”, said Pfänder. "We are indeed absolutely delighted with the service provided by SCHEUERLE!"

Drivers appreciate the EuroCompact´s high level of functionality
Feedback from his drivers is also important to Alexander Pfänder. "Good drivers are a valuable commodity!" he explained. It is therefore important to us that the professional drivers can also work well with the EuroCompact. "They are full of praise for the EuroCompact regarding its quality and functionality," reported the Wacker employee.

The all-rounder offers payloads of up to 106 tonnes
The EuroCompact series features weight and length-optimised semi-trailers which are ideally suited for transportation tasks up to 106 tonnes thanks to their range of combination options. Among other things, the all-rounder can transport construction machinery, transformers, plant components or other heavy equipment. The focus of the new generation of the EuroCompact has been achieving an outstanding dead weight-to-payload ratio and having the most compact design in this segment. This guarantees heavy-duty specialists both competitive and cost advantages. Another benchmark in the segment is the high axle compensation of 650 millimetres.
The EuroCompact is also available in a range of designs: from 1+3 axle, 2+4 axle and 3+5 axle combinations through to 4+6 axles. The additional Smart Axle dolly allows precise deployment to suit both the load and selected route. For example, a basic combination of 2+4 can be varied by coupling a SmartAxle to the rear and front bogie units to create 2+5, 3+4 or 3+5 combinations. A broad selection of excavator, slab or frame decks as well as a large range of accessories supplement the product portfolio. Due to the wide variety of types, the EuroCompact is the most efficient solution for all transport tasks.

The FL02 and FL03 models are particularly cost and payload optimised
With immediate effect, SCHEUERLE is also offering a two or three-axle version of the EuroCompact for payloads of up to 30 or 50 tonnes under the type designations FL02 and FL03 which stand out through their low maintenance costs and easy usability. Contributing to this, for example, is the SCHEUERLE Clever Coupling: a coupling system that allows the gooseneck to be safely coupled and uncoupled also on rough ground whilst ensuring a maximum of ergonomics and safety thanks to the couplings that are only arranged on the left side. The EuroCompact vehicles of the FL02 and FL03 series, complete with a single telescopic function, have a payload advantage of up to 1.5 tonnes compared to similar vehicles from the competition. They provide a maximum telescopic length of up to 12.6 metres in the low deck. In addition, they are classified as single-driver vehicles even when fully extended due to their excellent cornering and steering response. In this way, they have set standards regarding performance, safety, reliability as well as ergonomics while providing the usual premium quality from SCHEUERLE.

At Wacker, the EuroCompact 0 + 3 from SCHEUERLE is the most cost-effective and robust all-rounder for the transport of construction machinery and vehicles.


With a total weight of 71 tonnes, width of 3.8 m and a height of 4.3 m, the vehicle combination travelled via the A6 motorway from Schwäbisch Hall to Mundelsheim.

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