Six decades of trust:

August Alborn invests in SCHEUERLE EuroCompact

“Heavy Transport – Next Level” is the motto of the transport service provider August Alborn. Transport solutions from TII SCHEUERLE have been helping the Dortmund-based company reach the next level of heavy-load logistics for over six decades. Alborn is now rounding off its fleet in the lower payload segment with the purchase of two EuroCompact low-bed semi-trailers. The features the company appreciates most about the Pfedelbach-based special vehicle manufacturer's products are not only the technical qualities but also the support provided by the TII experts before and after vehicle procurement, the operating concept as well as the SALSA Plus load case simulation software.

“As a heavy-load logistics provider, we have to constantly reinvent ourselves and overcome additional challenges in order to become successful in the market over the long term,” remarked Helmut Alborn, Managing Director of August Alborn. The fourth-generation family-run company from Dortmund specialises in the transport of heavy and bulky goods such as machinery, factory installations, ovens, bridge elements, transformers and railway vehicles. The range of services also includes company removals and installation of heavy equipment. Along with its fleet of truck-mounted cranes and heavy-duty vehicles, Alborn also provides lifting frames with load capacities of up to 1,440 tonnes each. In addition, there is the company´s own engineering expertise and more than 1,500 tonnes of steel for modular construction projects.

Now, Helmut Alborn is taking things to the next level and strengthening his fleet through the purchase of a two and three-axle vehicle respectively from TII SCHEUERLE´s EuroCompact series. For the past six decades, the company has relied on vehicles from the TII Group, the industry expert for heavy-load transport solutions for on and off-road transportation tasks in the heavy-duty sector. “We are well acquainted with the products and rely on their qualities in order to solve our challenges,” explained the company boss.

EuroCompact series: high payload and telescopic but still compact and manoeuvrable

These include the particularly favourable dead weight to payload ratio as well as the compact design of the low-bed semi-trailers in the EuroCompact U9 series. The EuroCompact trailers with two and three axles provide payloads of up to 36 and 48 tonnes respectively and have a simple telescopic slab deck that allows a loading length of up to 12,270 or 12,610 millimetres. The vehicles also benefit from a low loading height in the low deck itself of 300 millimetres when in the driving position.

Added to this is the large lifting height of 650 millimetres in the pendulum axle chassis. In combination with a large steering angle, the tractor-trailer combination can also negotiate narrow and tight spaces without any problems. Both versions thus offer an optimal combination length to loading length ratio and, due to their compact dimensions, fall under the single-driver regulation even when the telescopic deck is extended. This simplifies the approval procedure and accelerates work processes during use thereby allowing the vehicles to be highly cost-effective.

Versatile usability further optimises the economic efficiency of the trailer

With both low-bed semi-trailers, Helmut Alborn plans to transport everything that they can accommodate especially machinery. The versatility of the EuroCompact semi-trailers contributes to high utilisation rate thus resulting in the excellent economic efficiency of the vehicles. Given the special qualities of the vehicles, the company boss is convinced of the price-performance ratio offered by TII SCHEUERLE. This was confirmed by comparisons carried out of competing products. Alborn has stated that his company basically selects almost all available equipment features - especially if they serve to enhance safety levels. An investment that, according to Helmut Alborn, pays off: “Every accident we prevent by doing this saves us a lot of money,” he reasons.

According to Alborn, the intuitive operating concept including the clever coupling system also speaks in favour of the EuroCompact models. With its assistance, the gooseneck can also be easily disconnected and reconnected during off-road operations. The company boss praised the simple and convenient operability of the vehicles. “Operating errors can have costly consequences in our transport segment,” he explained. The operating concept of the SCHEUERLE trailer prevents such mishaps occurring.

August Alborn employees are likewise impressed by SCHEUERLE vehicles

The heavy-lift experts are also greatly impressed by the harmonious overall concept of the hardware and software. “With TII SCHEUERLE, we receive a transport solution that also includes the SALSA simulation program. As a result, this allows us to plan all load cases for the modular and semi-modular transport solutions,” he explained.

Last but not least, the opinions of his employees also count for the engaged businessman - and they are likewise convinced by the EuroCompact. “We decide as a team which transport solutions we will realise. This motivates and binds employees to the company. Our young and experienced drivers value the SCHEUERLE products and the expert product training equally,” explained Helmut Alborn. He also praised the advice and guidance provided by the vehicle manufacturer before the vehicle was purchased as well as the support afterwards. “It’s great to see how things function at TII SCHEUERLE,” he reported. Such collaboration on an equal footing between vehicle operators and suppliers is exactly how he envisaged the scenario.

EuroCompact is followed by the K 25 L: August Alborn orders additional axle lines from TII SCHEUERLE

The technical quality of the products along with the excellent collaboration convinced Helmut Alborn to purchase further transport solutions from TII SCHEUERLE. Numerous SCHEUERLE K25 L axle lines will strengthen the Alborn fleet later this year.

Ceremonial pick-up of the SCHEUERLE EuroCompact units. From the left: Alborn Management Board Helmut Alborn, Uta Alborn, Filippo Baldassari (Managing Director TII SCHEUERLE), Martin Rössler (Area Manager Sales, TII SCHEUERLE).

Helmut Alborn and his team collecting the two SCHEUERLE EuroCompact combinations.

Collaboration on an equal footing. Team Alborn is very impressed by the SCHEUERLE EuroCompact and the support provided by TII SCHEUERLE.