Emission-free, quiet and efficient:

TII KAMAG unveils the new KAMAG ePrecisionMover

TII KAMAG, a leading manufacturer of transport solutions for yard logistics, has launched the third generation of the fully electrically powered swap body transporter. The KAMAG ePrecisionMover (ePM) enables emission-free handling of swap bodies and trailers and thus optimises the sustainability of all yard logistic operations. Thanks to numerous technical innovations, it offers further improved work performance and economic efficiency.

The electrified KAMAG ePM swap body transporter from TII KAMAG, a TII Group subsidiary and industry expert for internal transport, facilitates a precise, quick and safe handling of swap bodies of all conventional sizes as well as semi-trailers and trailers without any reduction in operating comfort, ergonomics and functionality than those models equipped with diesel drive systems. The electric drive ensures quiet and local emission-free operation. This benefits both the environment and health of employees.

Compared to the previous model, the third generation vehicle also makes a very convincing case through numerous technological innovations that make the KAMAG ePM a powerful and sustainable solution for transporting swap bodies.

Third generation vehicle offers shorter charging times and higher energy efficiency

Thanks to increasing the on-board electrical system voltage to 700 volts, the KAMAG ePM can not only be recharged in a significantly shorter time, this measure also results in lower heat loss. This contributes to a considerable increase in energy efficiency and thus a greater operating range.

Equipped with a standardised battery pack consisting of four Webasto batteries with a total capacity of 140 kWh, the KAMAG ePM can be operated continuously for up to 9 hours depending on the operating conditions. A complete recharge is possible in only 90 minutes. Charging is carried out using direct current at an HPC charging station by means of the proven CCS 2.0 plug which is commonly used in passenger car sector. The maximum charging power is 100 kW. The simple and quick recharging of the batteries allows the KAMAG ePM to be kept in continuous use. With a consumption of 12 kW per operating hour, the KAMAG ePM can, for example, recharge its batteries in just 25 minutes after 3.5 hours of use.

KAMAG ePM reinforces TII KAMAG's commitment to ensuring greater sustainability

An outstanding feature of the third generation of the KAMAG ePM is the electric battery thermal management system (eBTM) complete with heat pump which is now considered to be standard equipment. This system optimises the battery temperature thereby increasing the performance of the batteries and enhances their longevity.

Jürgen Haupt, Head of Sales Yard Logistics at TII KAMAG, highlighted in particular: “With the KAMAG ePM we are reaffirming our commitment to sustainability. The new fully electric swap body transporter is not only an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional diesel models but also greatly impresses through its superior performance. It is our declared goal to support customers in making their logistics processes sustainable and efficient."

KAMAG PrecisionMover is a bestseller for yard logistics

The KAMAG PrecisionMover (PM), also known as the Wiesel, has become a bestseller since its introduction in 1995. Currently, there are over 2,500 KAMAG PMs in use in more than 20 European countries. One of the key strengths of the KAMAG swap body transporter, in addition to its universal applicability in yard logistics, is the use of numerous components taken from large-scale production in the areas of the drive system and axles. This facilitates low operating costs as well as simple and efficient repair and maintenance management. The ergonomically favourable workplace, excellent visibility around the whole vehicle and the availability of high-quality modern comfort equipment complete with air conditioning and auxiliary heating also speak heavily in favour of the KAMAG PM. Approval for road use is also available which allows the KAMAG PM to transport swap bodies on public roads.