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Statnett transports transformers in Norway

with NICOLAS Side Girder Deck and MDEL

In Sogndal, Norway, the power line supply network is being expanded which includes re-alignment of power plant and transformer capacities. For this, the challenge of transporting the transformers and generators was easily met by Statnett Transport AS using the NICOLAS side girder deck. The extremely low dead weight, a combination length of 57 metres without and max. 80 metres with a tractor respectively as well as the stroke of max. 1.68 metres, make the new side girder deck from NICOLAS a flexible and user-friendly transport device for transformers, generators along with other cargoes. The deck is compatible with the NICOLAS MDEL, MDE and MHD platform trailers. The design allows load dimensions of up to 15 metres long. Thanks to the hydraulic adjustment feature, loads between 2.3 and 4.3 metres wide can be accommodated. Depending on requirements, platform trailers with up to 2 x 10, i.e. 10 axle lines at the front and 10 axle lines at the rear end of the deck - 2 x 12 or 2 x 14 axle lines can be coupled together.

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