WirtschaftsWoche names TII Group as world market leader once again

As in previous years, the renowned WirtschaftsWoche business magazine has once again awarded the Heilbronn-based TII Group the title of "World Market Leader 2023".

In a challenging global economic environment, the TII Group has continued to keep its place in the so called champions league of companies through its industry specialists, TII SCHEUERLE and TII KAMAG. The well-known business magazine, WirtschaftsWoche, once more named TII as the world market leader in the mechanical and plant engineering category. The magazine reported on this in a special edition published in November. “Receiving the award once again proves the resilience and reliability of our group of companies. It is also proof of the high level of innovative performance along with the outstanding economic importance of the industry experts, TII SCHEUERLE and TII KAMAG, in the segment of heavy duty, logistics and special vehicles on sales markets worldwide,” said Dr Gerald Karch, CEO of the TII Group.

Customers benefit from the partnership with a global market leader

Innovation has a very long tradition at TII. For more than 150 years, the companies of the TII Group have been manufacturing technologically leading heavy transport solutions for road and off-road, as well as outstanding solutions for internal transport operations. The motivation for the employees of the industry experts, TII SCHEUERLE and TII KAMAG, is to provide all customers with the best-possible product for the respective tasks. “With a more defined brand positioning this year and the company motto and brand claim ‘Move the World’, we are conveying this message and the promise that we will enable our customers to master the most complex tasks with our vehicles even more clearly,” explained Dr Gerald Karch. According to Dr Karch, decisive for the economic success of TII is also the strong partnership between TII and its customers which lasts for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Selected from a database of around 1,300 companies

The basis for the list of German world market leaders is the World Market Leader Index compiled by the University of St. Gallen and Academy of German World Market Leaders (ADWM). For this, researchers scientifically evaluate an extensive range of information on the candidates. The basis is provided by means of a database that currently features around 1,300 entries of potential world market leaders, and which is continuously updated.

The criteria: the company’s headquarters must be in Germany, it must be active on at least three out of six continents, annual turnover must be at least 50 million euros, export share or non-domestic turnover must account for at least 50 per cent of the turnover, and the company must be considered to have the number one or two market position worldwide in terms of turnover in the relevant market segment. The scientific head of the project is Prof. Dr Christoph Müller from the HBM Entrepreneur School, which is part of the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law at the University of St. Gallen.