KAMAG optimises service

for yard logistics

KAMAG Transporttechnik has expanded its service capacities at the company´s site in the Ulm-Donautal industrial area, Germany. A new, larger workshop operation with modern equipment and optimised processes offers a comprehensive range of services for all KAMAG yard logistics vehicles.

“KAMAG has set the standard with the new service facility. This applies to the range of possible service work as well as the efficient processes in place for maintenance, repairs and spare parts supply", promise Michael Zeller, Head of Customer Service Yard Logistics and Patrick Scheck, Manager of the new KAMAG workshop. Until now, the service operation was housed on the factory premises where the new KAMAG vehicles are produced. It is now located on a site opposite the main plant in the German Ulm-Donautal industrial area.

In and quickly out
The move offers great advantages for all KAMAG customers. “In this way, we can guarantee even faster and more efficient processes. The workshop has six service lanes which are directly accessible via six gateways. This means we avoid any time-consuming manoeuvring”, explains workshop supervisor Scheck. "In addition, we have minimised the distances for the vehicles between individual work steps and have arranged the service lanes in such a way that all the necessary activities can be carried out in a logical sequence one after the other - from the check-in area to servicing, e.g. brakes and headlights, through to a workstation designated specifically for work on the electronics. The workshop also has a brake test stand in the check-in area whereby this service lane itself also meets all the requirements of a test line.” Also new is a specially shielded area for steel construction work.

Free check for the entire vehicle
A special service provided by the KAMAG workshop is the so-called incoming check. In the process, the entire vehicle is subjected to a 100 per cent check for wear and tear as well as functions. “This service is standard with us and free of charge for customers. They then decide for themselves what work they want to have carried out on the basis of our diagnosis,” reports workshop manager Scheck. “The predictive maintenance operation guarantees a long service life of the vehicles which results in high value retention. This also leads to fewer unplanned service assignments, increases operational reliability and maximises the uptime of the vehicle," adds Zeller.

Quick access to all important spare and wear parts
Added to this there is a parts warehouse that can be accessed very quickly and facilitates an extraordinarily high level of parts availability. “We store all the important spare and wear parts here. Our primary interest is to get the vehicles moving again as quickly as possible,” reports Scheck. A mobile service option is also available for working with customers in the region. Within the continuously growing KAMAG service network, selected service companies can ensure that free capacities are made available to each other so that urgent repairs can also be carried out. Moreover, a fleet of replacement vehicles is available for customers. All measures contribute to the fact that KAMAG customers can maintain their yard logistics at all times.

Prepared today ready for tomorrow: work on high-voltage systems possible
A total of ten specialists take care of the needs of the yard logistics vehicles. This includes specially trained personnel for work carried out on high-voltage systems. Electrically-driven models are likewise in the best hands at the service facility.

Service network for yard logistics vehicles expands constantly
“We are constantly professionalising and expanding our service network, also to meet the rapidly increasing demand for yard logistics vehicles. The so-called premium service partners have a special position in the KAMAG service network for these transporters. Regular training and audits enable us to guarantee a high level of performance,” explains Michael Zeller. The premium partners currently include 18 companies with a total of 29 branches.

In addition, KAMAG works together with around 160 service companies and service centres throughout Europe in order to offer customers from all sales regions a qualified service programme. "With this powerful and efficient team, we are very close to the customers and can offer fast and competent execution of the work," says Zeller. By using the KAMAG Click4Parts online shop, customers can obtain high-quality original spare parts around the clock, even via mobile devices.

KAMAG´s new service operation offers its customers efficient processes resulting in short workshop visits of their yard logistics vehicles