Innovative, reliable, cooperative:

Hadeed decides in favour of KAMAG IHT

Leading Saudi Arabian steel producer, Hadeed, has just purchased another KAMAG IHT (Industry Lift Transporter) vehicle. The company has been relying on special vehicles from TII KAMAG since 1997 and, from this point on, has been convinced by the innovative, fail-safe technology, service and partnership-based cooperation with the industry expert, a subsidiary of the TII Group, for in-plant transportation.

Hadeed has recently acquired another KAMAG IHT (Industry Lift Transporter). The three-axle articulated vehicle complete with an integrated platform cabin offers a payload of 150 tonnes. The decision for purchasing the KAMAG special vehicle was based on the company´s own experience over the past 26 years. The Saudi Arabian steel producer, a subsidiary of the Sabic Group, has been relying on IHTs (Industry Lift Transporter) from TII KAMAG since 1997. In the meantime, the company now operates an entire fleet which is primarily used to transport scrap baskets to the steelworks in al-Jubail.

Advanced technology and a high level of reliability ensure efficient transport operations

“Since their date of commissioning, the KAMAG IHTs have operated extremely reliably and are ideally suited to handle the challenging operating conditions found in a steelworks”, explained Ali Al-Khan, Hadeed's specialist in scrap management and who is additionally responsible for the procurement of required vehicles. TII KAMAG has continually optimised the IHT series in the interests of its customers. Al-Khan confirmed this: “We are very satisfied with the development of the transporter. It is an innovative vehicle with very advanced technology as well as being extremely fail-safe. We are especially impressed by the ergonomics of the control elements, cabin comfort and level of work safety. These features and, in particular, the possibility of remote maintenance allow us to achieve a high degree of economic efficiency in our operations.”

In addition to the technical specifications of the product, he is also very impressed with the service provided by and partnership with the Ulm-based manufacturer of special vehicles. “The TII KAMAG team is always fully cooperative and supports us whenever we need it,” he explained.

KAMAG is a full-range supplier for the metal industry

TII KAMAG provides the right solutions for all transport tasks in the metal industry. The industry expert for in-plant transportation assignments, a subsidiary of the TII Group, offers transport solutions for scrap management as well as for molten steel, slag and semi-finished product transports. Thanks to its integrated lifting equipment, the KAMAG IHT is able to drive under loads, lift, and place them at any given position without the help of a crane or other lifting devices.

The range of industrial lift transporters includes vehicles with two or three axles, rigid or articulated chassis, and platform and underfloor cabins, depending on the payload requirements. This means the IHT can easily accommodate a wide range of storage and logistics concepts. In all models, driving assistance systems and special protective devices ensure a high level of safety and comfort. It is also possible to support service and maintenance tasks through the help of remote diagnosis.