ESTA Award for SPMT world record transport

and gala dinner for TII SCHEUERLE customers

The European Association of Heavy Lift and Large-Volume Transport Companies, ESTA, has presented the ESTA Awards of Excellence to the most spectacular special transport assignments including the world record transport of a marine production plant with a total weight of 20,300 tonnes which Mammoet realised with SCHEUERLE SPMTs. TII SCHEUERLE honoured its successful customer and the 40th birthday of the SCHEUERLE SPMT series together with numerous other SPMT customers during a gala dinner prior to the event.

Also this year, TII SCHEUERLE customers demonstrated that transport solutions from the industry expert for special transports on public roads as well as off-road from the TII Group are a guarantee of success when it comes to mastering their most demanding transport tasks - just like the TII company motto promises: Move the World.

An internationally sensational and hitherto unique achievement was the transport of the Curlew FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading Unit), a marine production and storage unit for gas generation. Heavy-lift logistics company, Mammoet, transported the 20,300 tonne and 235 metre long production line from a semi-submersible vessel on shore. For this, Mammoet used 748 SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines and 30 PPUs. The company thus set a double world record: on the one hand, for the largest number of axle lines that were ever used for a single transport worldwide and, on the other, for the heaviest weight ever transported. In recognition of this, Mammoet received the ESTA Award of Excellence in the “SPMT” category.

Memorable anniversary: SCHEUERLE SPMT has provided the basis for handling the most demanding transport assignments for the past 40 years

This year, the special transport solution is celebrating its 40th birthday. To mark the anniversary, TII SCHEUERLE held a gala dinner in honour of SCHEUERLE SPMT customers on the eve of the ESTA Awards at the Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin in Nordwijk am See in the Netherlands. Filippo Baldassari, Managing Director of TII SCHEUERLE, described the beginning of the development of this revolutionary transport solution which was created together with one of its customers, Mammoet, in 1982 as a result of the market demand for more payload, more flexibility and modularity. In 1983, TII SCHEUERLE had developed the ground-breaking technology ready for series production and delivered the first large number of axle lines to Mammoet.

Baldassari explained further: “The SPMT is celebrating its 40th birthday. However, it hasn't aged at all in these four decades. This is because it has constantly evolved during this time. The fourth technical generation of the vehicle is now being manufactured at TII SCHEUERLE. In between there numerous innovative steps were implemented that have facilitated even more extensive functionality, further improved cost-effectiveness, easier operability along with a number of other advantages.”

Due to the wide range of combination and application options of the individual modules, transports with theoretically unlimited payloads have been possible ever since. This has revolutionised transport conditions for the industry and significantly increased the efficiency of small to large transports worldwide. “The development and market launch of the SCHEUERLE SPMT is a great example of how vehicle manufacturers respond to customer needs. SCHEUERLE SPMT has made it possible for the industry to work much more efficiently and has opened up new business opportunities for all transport companies," said Fabio Belli, ESTA President and CEO of the heavy lift logistics company, Fagioli, whilst praising the technology in his laudatory speech during the gala dinner, and who has been using and selling SCHEUERLE SPMT for 30 years. According to Belli, many of the projects that heavy lift operators undertake today would not have been technically and financially possible without the SPMT.

Thanks to the success of the SCHEUERLE SPMT, TII SCHEUERLE has risen to become the world market leader in this segment and also gave this transport concept the now generally accepted name SPMT. More than 27,000 SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines are now in use worldwide.

The TII SCHEUERLE team welcoming visitors outside the Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin in Nordwijk am See in the Netherlands.

Fabio Belli, ESTA President and CEO of the Italian heavy goods logistics company, Fagioli S.p.A - also one of the first SPMT customers - gave the laudatory speech in honour of the SCHEUERLE SPMT.

Filippo Baldassari explains the origins and future prospects of the SCHEUERLE SPMT.

A SPMT cake to honour the 40th anniversary of the SCHEUERLE SPMT.

A present for the first SPMT customer, Mammoet. Left to right: Markus Pflederer (Area Manager Sales, TII SCHEUERLE), Jan Kleijn (COO Mammoet), Filippo Baldassari (Managing Director TII SCHEUERLE), Thomas Ziegler (Head of Sales TII SCHEUERLE).