SCHEUERLE | HighwayGiant

With the development of the SCHEUERLE WideCombi HighwayGiant heavy-duty module, SCHEUERLE has raised two-track technology to a completely new level. A special feature of the HighwayGiant is, among other things, the integrated folding mechanism that allows the trailer to be transported back in a folded position without the need for a permit application which in turn leads to enormous cost savings. The HighwayGiant was specially developed as a flexible vehicle concept in order to meet the diverse requirements of the North American market.

Your advantages when you count on the SCHEUERLE WideCombi HighwayGiant:

  • Integrated folding mechanism allows empty runs without requiring a permit
  • Specially developed for meeting the requirements of the North American market
  • Maximum stability for loads with a high centre of gravity
  • Modular construction

Product details

Product Details