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TII Sales

Close to your business

SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS, KAMAG and TII INDIA have combined their customer service operations for all brands and locations in the joint sales and marketing company, TII Sales GmbH & Co. KG. With an extensive network of representatives along with their own sales offices, TII Sales staff members are available around the world as contact persons. As a result, a comprehensive and expert local advice service is ensured from the outset.

Regardless whether it concerns upgrading or extending an existing fleet or solving individual transportation problems - TII Sales provides the necessary expertise in order to always provide you with the ideal solution. It recognizes specific requirements which are discussed in detail with you, and then promptly offers you the most suitable choice of vehicle. In the process, the mutually-based approach is always set on looking ahead. How will the market develop, how can you change your existing fleet when needed, which accessories and enhancements come into question for you in order to expand your areas of business - on all these issues advises the TII Sales will advise you on all of these issues and provide you with the accumulated know-how of all four companies.

In close cooperation with developers and designers, project engineers of the TII Group develop application-specific solutions. For this, the relevant requirements are firstly determined and analyzed. After this, decisions are taken regarding which modifications have to be made to existing models or how a new development must look so that all requirements can be fulfilled.

From the offer and project implementation through to delivery, you will be accompanied by a designated staff member of TII Sales. Employees in the sales organization travel regularly around the world in the service of their customers. They have extensive industry know-how and have a skilled eye for individual solutions. They are there for you, whenever and wherever is needed.