Compliance at the TII Group

Whistleblower system

Thank you for your interest in the TII Group whistleblower system.

The TII Group stands for transparency, quality and integrity. In order to guarantee an EU-wide standard for the protection of whistleblowers and to avoid or uncover legal violations, the European Union has issued the EU Whistleblower Directive ((EU) 2019/1937).

The directive is implemented at the TII Group by setting up a corresponding reporting system consisting of a reporting portal and hotline.

Via the reporting system, our employees, as well as third parties who have contact with TII Group companies in the course of their professional activities, can report violations of the law, as well as violations of the TII Group Code of Conduct. Reports can be submitted anonymously and confidentially. The report will reach Dr. Heitzer, attorney-at-law, as the ombudsman externally entrusted with the handling of whistleblowing.

Further information is available on the whistleblower portal.

Please note that our whistleblower system is not intended for general complaints.
If you are dissatisfied with regard to your business relationship with the TII Group, please contact the appropriate representatives.

Whistleblower portal

Dr. Eric Heitzer
Phone: 0221 16889970


EU Whistleblower Guideline

The following link will take you to the EU
Whistleblower Guideline