The efficient swap body transporter, unbeatably manoeuvrable and fast.

The KAMAG PrecisionMover, also known as the “Wiesel”, is exceptionally manoeuvrable and quick. It can handle all standard container sizes. Its name says it all: In yard logistics, the driver has to accelerate, brake, turn, position, manoeuvre and reverse hundreds of times a day. The KAMAG PM can do this more efficiently than any other vehicle at the depot. More than 2,500 KAMAG PM are currently in use in around 20 European countries. These numbers are on the rise.

Your advantages when you count on the KAMAG | PrecisionMover

  • High comfort level on a par with a modern truck
  • Ergonomically perfect, low-maintenance and resource-saving
  • Top equipment for the best all-round visibility and safety

Precisely designed

Lifting device

The lifting device is designed for the standard swap body dimensions C715, C745, C782, which can be locked with the serial hydraulic container locking.

Hydrostatic drive system

The hydrostatic drive system makes manoeuvring in the logistics yard easy and precise. The unique drive ensures short manoeuvring times and wear-free driving.

Small turning circle

Thanks to its small turning circle with a steering angle of up to 45 degrees, the KAMAG PM is extremely agile. It manoeuvres quickly, safely, and precisely in the tightest of spaces.


Wide range of load carriers

Thanks to the optional hydraulic fifth-wheel coupling and the optional trailer coupling, other load carriers up to 13 tonnes can be accommodated in addition to the standard swap bodies, e.g. trailers, centre-axle trailers and semitrailers.


Ergonomic cab equipment

The cab equipment is high-quality and ergonomic. Plenty of storage space, the ergonomic seat and the adjustable steering wheel provide individualised comfort for the driver.


User-friendly control system

The joystick controls all functions such as driving, lift frame, container locking and semi-trailer plate. It is easily accessible from the driver’s seat.

Low entrance

Thanks to the low entrance, the driver can access the cab via just one step. This allows the driver to get in and out of the vehicle quickly and ergonomically.

Precise all-round visibility

The large panoramic windscreen and rear window give the driver a clear view of the depot. The exterior mirrors, wide-angle mirror and reversing camera (optional) complement the all-round view.

Comprehensive security features

Comprehensive LED headlights, a warning light on the roof, the optional reversing camera, the acoustic warning signal when reversing and many other features provide a major advantage in safety at the logistics yard.

NEW: Now with hot-dip galvanized components.*

* frame, lift table and cab suspension

Your advantages:

Long lifespan
thanks to 'self-healing' of minor damage spots as well as chemical and thermal resistance

Environmental friendliness
thanks to resource-saving corrosion protection process

Low maintenance
due to reduced susceptibility to external influences

Corrosion protection
for the challenging operating environment

Improved visibility
of the vehicle and the conduit & cable routing

High strength
through mechanical resilience and effective edge protection

Customer feedback

"In the handling operations of the Noerpel-Group in Ulm, up to 125 swap bodies and 100 semi-trailers are efficiently and precisely handled every day, thanks to the KAMAG PrecisionMover. The swap body mover is characterized by its ergonomic cabin for quick entry and exit and easy operation, which is particularly advantageous considering the skilled labor shortage. New colleagues can be quickly trained on the vehicle and immediately contribute to the efficiency of the operation."


“We rely on the performance of the KAMAG PM for handling swap bodies for our major customers in the Czech Republic. We operate a total of 9 KAMAG PM at various locations, in particular for our long-standing partner PPL.”

CM Tachov

Miele technika Uničov has been relying on the KAMAG PrecisionMover since 2015: “We operate four KAMAG PM over an area of more than 55,000 m2, mainly for transporting containers and trailers. We clearly see the low-floor cab for easy access and the panoramic windscreen for excellent visibility as an advantage. As well as the quick and easy manoeuvring thanks to the small turning radius. We particularly like the fact that the swap body transporter fulfils the latest Euro 5 Emissions Standard, which makes it even more environmentally friendly. For us, reliability, practicality and eco-friendliness are the three decisive factors for using and recommending these vehicles. We can rely on them.”

Miele technika Uničov

“We carry out around 12,000 swap body movements a week. We use the KAMAG PM from TII KAMAG for this. We focus on quality and reliability and have been able to gather these experiences with TII KAMAG for more than a decade, and we are more than satisfied with them.”


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