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Construction mechanic  
Construction mechanic “The job description of the des construction mechanic includes a wide range of application area. In particular the application of different metal and hydraulic techniques are  
K24 The KAMAG K24 is a self-propelled modular transporter which can be coupled together to form any size of vehicle combination. The so-called PPU (Power Pack Unit) serves as the drive unit which  
Mining Large machines like hydraulic excavators, bucket wheel excavators, and other equipment can be moved economically and safely to different sites of operation with SCHEUERLE self-propelled  
Modular Vehicles for Road Transportation  
Modular Vehicles for Road Transportation The TII Group offers a broad portfolio of modular vehicles for transporting loads on public roads. The comprehensive product range includes various modular  
Service Technician  
Service Technician (m/f) Full-time position For supervision and support of our vehicles at our customers both home and abroad, we are looking for a Service Technician (m/f) As part of a wide range  
PowerBooster PowerBooster models such as the SCHEUERLE InterCombi PB or the SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 H PB are equipped with shiftable drive axles and can be towed at 80 km/h or, if required, are likewise  
Shipyard Transporters  
Shipyard Transporters Ship section lift transporters from the TII Group have been well proven over decades and carry out demanding work in continuous operations - with payloads up to 1,300 tonnes.