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North America

Highway proven


When transporting on North American routes, it is very often not only the technical but also the regulatory challenges that are immense. With vehicles such as the SCHEUERLE Highway Giant, which allows loadable approval-free empty runs on standard trailers, the TII Group provides solutions to meet these challenges.


"Made in Germany" is rightly recognized around the world as a term synonymous with quality. All vehicles of the TII Group - large or small - have one thing in common: they are tailored to meet your requirements with the same care and attention like a transport solution that has to carry thousands of tonnes. Reliability, maintenance-friendliness and good handling belong to the self-evident requirement specifications of a
vehicle from the TII Group. However, the real work begins in earnest after this. Through intensive consultation and a close dialogue with you, the customer, this results in a transport solution that is not only versatile and economical but also future-oriented.

Service and close proximity

The TII Group also supports you through its knowledge of the market and shows the direction the transportation business is taking. So, you can be sure of one important thing: also in the future you will remain competitive with your vehicle fleet. In North America, you can access a network of sales and service partners, and also collect ordered vehicles locally in the US due to the successful production cooperation with PFC in Florida.