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The sturdy and robust modular solution

The KAMAG K24 is a self-propelled modular transporter which can be coupled together to form any size of vehicle combination. The so-called PPU (Power Pack Unit) serves as the drive unit which provides the required oil pressure for the hydraulic motors which have been integrated into the wheel hubs. Thus, the KAMAG K24 falls into the SPMT (Self Propelled Modular Transporter) category. SPMT entered service in the transport sector in the 1980s and changed more than just the way how loads are transported. The production concept for the modular construction of industrial, conveyors or infrastructure projects were reorganized with a future-oriented focus. Today, modules reach weights of up to 15,000 tonnes with this upward trend showing no signs of ending. This is only operationally manageable through the use of SPMTs.