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Vehicle training courses from SCHEUERLE are customised:

get the most out of all transport solutions

  • BigMove team receive needs-oriented EuroCompact training
  • Tailored programme for master mechanics and dispatchers
  • Training makes an important contribution to ensuring economical and safe transportation

SCHEUERLE not only offers vehicles, but also training for operators and users who want to get the most out of their transport solutions. At the end of last year, dispatchers and master mechanics at BigMove AG received training at SCHEUERLE that was specially tailored to meet the needs of heavy load cooperation. While the service professionals were provided with deep insights into vehicle technology, the dispatchers benefited from induction training regarding the correct loading of the low-deck trailer of the EuroCompact series. The SCHEUERLE experts then presented the new EuroCompact FL02 and FL03 models to both groups.

BigMove AG, a consortium of 13 medium-sized heavy goods logistics companies, relies on the EuroCompact low-deck semi-trailer from SCHEUERLE for transport assignments involving payloads of up to around 90 tonnes. BigMove has purchased a total of 19 vehicles of the new EuroCompact generation from SCHEUERLE, a subsidiary of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) owned by the Otto Rettenmaier entrepreneurial family. The heavy goods logistics provider offers the vehicles to its customers under the Chameleon II name. Procurement was preceded by an intensive collaboration between the manufacturer and customer in order to fully meet BigMove's demanding requirements as well as ensuring a vehicle “from the practice for the practice” was placed on the axles.

Direct link between BigMove master mechanics and SCHEUERLE experts
26 BigMove employees now received a two-day training course at the vehicle manufacturer's headquarters in Pfedelbach. Olaf Beckedorf, CEO of BigMove, likewise attended the seminar as a guest participant in order to get an impression of the quality of the event at first hand. “It was a very good event. The needs of our employees were taken into account and a wide range of issues were thoroughly dealt with at the specialist level in a very professional manner. Thanks to the close liaison, the direct connection between the master mechanics from BigMove and specialist departments at SCHEUERLE, the BigMove team increased its know-how even more. Each meeting is designed to ensure that our master mechanics can deepen their knowledge of the new vehicle technology and then immediately apply it to the product itself. It also strengthens the connection between user and manufacturer” praised Beckedorf.

Training courses tailored exactly to meet the needs of each customer
For the training staff at SCHEUERLE, it goes without saying that the vehicle training courses are customised specifically to suit the respective customer and their individual needs and requests. In the case of the training organised for BigMove this meant dividing the content of the two-day event into the respective requirements of the dispatchers and master mechanics of the heavy load cooperation.

While the master mechanic professionals were given a deep insight into the technology, maintenance and operation of the EuroCompact low-deck semi-trailer, the trainers focused on in-depth instruction for the dispatchers regarding the use of the SALSA Plus software using numerous practical examples. The simulation program allows the dispatchers to plan the loading of the vehicles so that the operational safety of the vehicles is guaranteed as well as complying with the provisions laid down in the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations; for example, with regard to maintaining maximum permissible axle loads.

New EuroCompact models are the highlights of the product presentations
For both groups, the programme also included an introduction to SCHEUERLE's new products. The highlight here was the presentation of the EuroCompact model which had just been presented at the Solutrans trade fair in Lyon and targets the payload segment of 30 through to 50 tonnes. With this specially optimised vehicle with two (EuroCompact FL02) or three pendulum axles at the rear (EuroCompact FL03), SCHEUERLE has nicely rounded off the product range. The two completely newly-developed EuroCompact models allow customers from the freight forwarding sector as well as construction, agriculture and forestry to take advantage of particularly cost-effective transport operations due to low operating costs along with an outstandingly favourable ratio of dead weight to payload as well as simple handling.

Experiencing manufacturing quality and innovative strength "Made in Pfedelbach"
A tour of the plant, which convinced the BigMove employees of the special heavy-load know expertise and innovative strength of the SCHEUERLE experts as well as the high manufacturing quality "Made in Pfedelbach", rounded off the intensive training days together with a very sociable and enjoyable get-together.

"The course content was wonderfully conveyed by the training staff and the interaction with a supplier of hydraulic components who expertly demonstrated the hydraulic components and the associated applications was very well received and was presented to the participants in an ideal manner," summarized BigMove CEO Olaf Beckedorf. “We respond to the special training requirements of our customers in our vehicle training courses, of course,” according to Michael Buhl, Head of Service Worldwide at the TII Group.This also means that, in addition to training courses at the company's   in Pfedelbach, the TII Group also carries out customised training programmes for its customers on their site. The seminars take place either on the occasion of the vehicle purchase or at regular intervals based on customer´s request.

A mobile crushing plant goes on the road: with the latest EuroCompact vehicle generation, which goes under the product name of Chameleon II at the BigMove heavy load logistics cooperation, the heavy goods logistics company carries out a large range of transport assignments.

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