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Triple crown for TII Group vehicles:

SCHEUERLE, KAMAG and NICOLAS take first three places in the “Heavy Transport of the Year 2020” award

- Schwertransportmagazin awards “Heavy Transport of the Year” prize
- All three places on the winners' podium go to transports carried out on vehicles from TII Group subsidiaries
- TII Group congratulates award-winning heavy lift logistics companies Friderici Special, Kübler Spedition and Hermann Paule

The readers of the Schwertransportmagazin specialist magazine have voted - and have awarded the first three places to heavy transports that were carried out on axle lines from brands of the TII Group which is owned by the Heilbronn-based Rettenmaier entrepreneurial family. At the end of June, after a preliminary round had been completed, ten transports remained in the competition; now the editorial team has announced the best heavy transport assignments. This means that products from TII Group subsidiaries have secured all three first places for the second time after 2019, and can claim the title "Heavy Transport of the Year 2020".

Spectacular heavy transport assignment via a mountain pass a worthy winner
According to the editorial team, the majority of votes went to the transport of a transformer via the Bernina Pass using a vehicle combination from NICOLAS and carried out by the Swiss heavy-load logistics provider, Friderici Special, whilst reaching a height of 2,328 meters above sea level. The vehicle combination was 57 metres long and weighed 254 tonnes. One particular challenge for Friderici Special was the fact that axle loads had to be reduced to 10.8 tonnes while tricky bends with a high height offsets, steep inclines and narrow town and village streets also had to be safely negotiated.

Slab carrier from KAMAG in second place
Voted into second place was the delivery of the most powerful slab carrier that KAMAG has ever built which has a payload of 150 tonnes.  The specialists from Michelfeld-Erlin based Kübler Spedition transported the industrial vehicle on special vehicles manufactured by SCHEUERLE from the KAMAG plant in Ulm-Donautal to the port of Heilbronn; from there, Kübler shipped the slab carrier to a production facility belonging to the ArcelorMittal steel company. The push-pull combination weighed 360 tonnes and was 71 metres long, 6.6 metres wide and 5.4 metres high, and took one day and four nights to reach its destination.

“Low-level flight” of Airbus also lands on the podium
In third place, Schwertransportmagazin readers voted for the transportation of an Airbus A320 fuselage from Tallinn (Estonia) to Calw in the Black Forest. Stuttgart heavy-load logistics specialist, Hermann Paule, selected a route both on water and land using axle lines from SCHEUERLE. The 60 metre long vehicle combination weighed a total of 90 tonnes.

TII Group congratulates everyone involved
The TII Group subsidiaries, SCHEUERLE, KAMAG and NICOLAS, congratulate everyone involved in the respective transport operations on their impressive achievements and would also like to thank the readers of the Schwertransportmagazin!

Triple victory for TII Group: vehicles from KAMAG, NICOLAS and SCHEUERLE win first three places at the “Heavy Transport of the Year 2020” award.

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