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Trasportes y Gruas Aguado expands operations


With 24 axle SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter) axle lines, Trasportes y Gruas Aguado, Spain, expanded its existing fleet of vehicles in mid-2016. Since this time, the vehicles from SCHEUERLE (TII Group) have been permanently in use - most recently assigned for transporting two imposing distillation columns for the petrochemical industry weighing 521 and 483 tonnes respectively.

For this, two combinations were used in a loose coupling mode with each unit comprising twelve SPMT axle lines – in the process, the vehicles were not only mechanically connected but also by means of a data line. They were powered by two so-called Power Pack Units (PPU) with a 350 kW output in each case. Around the world, vehicle modules and PPUs are standardized so operators can rent axle lines as required at any time in order to handle larger-scale projects. The TII Group is world market leader in the production SPMTs– a major reason for many operators to opt for vehicles which are available worldwide and thus be in a position to respond flexibly to project enquiries at all times. With an axle load of up to 60 tonnes, the proven modules can accommodate huge loads as was the case invloving the transportation of the 29,4m x 9,9m and 43.8 x 9.9 m columns in reaching their final destination of the Refinería PEMEX Miguel Hernando, Mexico.

Strategic new acquisition: Trasportes y Gruas Aguado has expanded its vehicle fleet with 24 SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines

Technologically advanced: the electronic steering of the SPMTs has been continuously developed since its introduction in the 1980s and allows the safe transportation of heavy loads even with high centres of gravity.

Salt-laden air, dust and moisture do not impress the vehicles one iota. This is guaranteed by the TII Group through extremely careful coating, sealing and extensive testing of all components.

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