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TII Group moves IAA trade show

commercial vehicles emission-free and innovatively

From 22nd - 29th September, the TII Group is exhibiting at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show: Hall 27, Stand E31 and on the Open Air Area M 52. On the so-called "New World Mobility Live" stage, the Group is presenting its solution for emission-free swap body handling, showcasing a self-developed cabin for the E-Wiesel from KAMAG as well as providing convincing practical demonstrations on the outdoor area with heavy equipment.

Already in the run up to the IAA, keen interest is being shown in the trade fair appearance of the TII Group. "The interest shown by the logistics industry in our vehicles is growing from year to year. Through the emission-free E-Wiesel, the optimized cabin and considerable progress made in the area of autonomous freight logistics, there is a lot going on at the moment - naturally this arouses a great deal of curiosity," said Jürgen Dirr, Area Sales Manager responsible for yard logistics. The KAMAG Wiesel and KAMAG TruckWiesel are the most cost-effective solutions for internal transport operations at logistic yards as all types of standardized swap bodies and semi-trailers can be moved with the vehicles. Here, the KAMAG Wiesel is already market leader; naturally, this is no reason for the TII Group to rest on its laurels.

Emission-free cargo handling is making its presence felt in the industry, and the logical consequence of this is the E-Wiesel which is being exhibited on the IAA New World Mobility Live stage. When the two batteries are fully charged, the vehicle can operate up to nine hours - with just five hours subsequent re-charging time using the 63A plug. Operating times are extended if the vehicle is connected to the grid by the driver during breaks - in one hour, 22 kW is recharged. In addition, energy recovery during the braking process (recuperation) results in further energy generation and, moreover, reduces fine dust pollution and compressed air consumption. If required, two additional batteries double the amount of operating time.

One of the numerous benefits of the KAMAG Wiesel is the long service intervals of 1,000 operating hours which is possible due to the virtually wear-free, hydrostatic drive. Through the use of large-series components and elements, the vehicle is extremely servicefriendly and economical - fuel consumption is approx. 5 litres per hour of operation. The water-cooled diesel engine from Mercedes-Benz has a performance of 129 kW and accelerates the vehicle to a top speed of 40 km/h. Due to the hydrostatic drive, it is possible to reach maximum speed from a stationary position without any shift jerking nor traction interruption. The maximum forward and reversing speeds of 40 km/h clearly has a positive effect during moving operations. In addition, a change of direction can be carried out when driving which, through wear-free hydraulic braking along with a subsequent immediate change in direction, once again increases moving times. At the IAA, the latest KAMAG Wiesel version will be shown: a Euromot 4 vehicle complete with the new Mercedes ATEGO cabin.

For effectively carrying out its tasks as a high-performance semi-trailer tractor, the KAMAG TruckWiesel has been designed with a hydraulically raised and lowered fifth wheel for an imposed load of up to 18 tonnes. In order to transport the full range of semi-trailers, different coupling heights can be realized. At this year's IAA, KAMAG is showcasing a terminal tractor with Mercedes Euromot 4 engine and Mercedes ATEGO driver´s cab. Customers therefore profit from all the advantages due to the fulfillment of the pollutant standard, such as the "green sticker" which allows entering inner-city environmental zones.

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