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TII Defense High Mobility Solutions –

with Offroad PowerBooster mobile on sand, mud and gravel

  • PTL 70-90 armored tank flat-bed trailer with OffroadPowerBooster provides full mobility thanks to a combination of pulled and driven axles also if the tractor has reached its limit
  • Military tracked vehicles weighing more than 100 tonnes can be reliably transported on difficult terrains

Around ten per cent of the world's land surface is desert and therefore difficult or even impossible for most trailers to drive over when transporting battle tanks and other similar vehicles. Even heavy-duty off-road tractors fail to deal with the seemingly bottomless sandy ground conditions and become stuck. The PTL 70-90 from the TII Group offers full mobility for payloads of more than 100 tonnes. Regardless whether it is sand, mud or gravel, the hydrostatic Offroad PowerBooster additional drive provides valuable support for the truck tractor. For this, a diesel-driven unit produces oil pressure which is used to drive hydraulic motors in one or more axles as soon as the traction of the tractor is no longer sufficient. The driven axles can be switched to a fully automatic status as and when required.

First developed for civilian use, the PowerBooster system has been in use for many years and is characterized by its high loading capacity and simple handling. The PTL 70-90 can be used for transporting military tracked or wheeled vehicles as well as carrying tactical systems that require an external energy source. Depending on the design, the drive unit mounted on the gooseneck can provide both hydraulic and electrical energy. Compared to classic, fully-motorized system carriers, massive cost savings can therefore be realized.

The PTL 70-90 is available with up to eight axles and can carry payloads up to 115 tonnes. The robust design, tyre-preserving lifting axle and the automatic tyre pressure adjustment ensure minimal wear and tear when being used in the toughest operating conditions. The PTL 70-90 is only one of numerous vehicle types in the military portfolio of the TII Group (TII Defense Solutions).

At home on difficult terrains: the PTL 70-90 guarantees full mobility in critical situations thanks to the Offroad PowerBooster-driven drive axles.

Multiple loads: the PTL 70-90 can accommodate several vehicles at one time. A wide range of winches and loading aids is available for loading damaged vehicles.

Multi-purpose: the drive unit also serves as a power supply for tactical systems and makes the KAMAG PTL 70-90 the ideal system carrier.

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