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Sustainability and reliability without any compromises:

KAMAG presents the E-Catering Wiesel

  • TII Group returns to airport operations with the KAMAG E-CateringWiesel
  • KAMAG E-Catering Wiesel facilitates fast and safe loading and unloading of all civilian aircraft types (with the exception of the A380)
  • Emission-free, electrically driven, quiet and high torque engine – the KAMAG E-CateringWiesel is the sustainable and reliable next vehicle generation

The KAMAG E-Catering Wiesel was developed in close cooperation with airport operators and service workshops and stands out during daily use through its reliability, emission-free operations and practical design. The driver´s cab has two seats complete with optimum ergonomics and low entry height, and has been optimized to provide all-round visibility and is also equipped with a glass roof. The cabin is flexibly mounted in order to allow the transfer of containers at ground level and, if required, to provide room for the transfer platform.

"The KAMAG E-CateringWiesel has been consistently optimized to ensure reliability and sustainability," says Helmut Maier, responsible for airport activities at TII Sales. "The powerful emission-free engine makes the vehicle easy to handle whilst, at the same time, we recover up to 30 per cent of the energy produced during braking", added Maier.

With the KAMAG E-CateringWiesel, the all-air suspension not only ensures a low transfer height when in a lowered position but also ensures cargo-friendly transportation and low wear and tear of all vehicle components. In addition, the consistent modular design ensures a quick exchange of complete functional units thus minimizing any downtime. An extremely low energy loss during the transfer procedure due to the compact 1.20 m wide transfer hatchway further contributes to the sustainable service profile of the KAMAG E-CateringWiesel.

High reach: the KAMAG E-CateringWiesel, shown here at a height of six metres, is suitable for the loading of virtually all aircraft types.

Efficient: not only the drive technology but also the construction of the KAMAG E-CateringWiesel are designed to provide maximum energy efficiency.

Makes every sports car driver envious: the KAMAG E-CateringWiesel can be positioned if required at ground level due to the flexible driver´s cab in order to realize low transfer operation heights.

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