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Spedition Kübler takes delivery of the first new EuroCompact FL02:

"EuroCompact is up to 20% lighter than comparable models from its competition"

  • Heavy-load logistics provider complements fleet with the new EuroCompact FL02
  • Versatility, cost-effectiveness and easy handling make a very convincing case
  • New EuroCompact series available in a wide range of industrial sectors
  • "The result of decades of experience in special vehicle construction"

Spedition Kübler has received the first low-bed semi-trailer of the new EuroCompact FL series. The heavy-load logistics provider chose the SCHEUERLE vehicle in particular because of its outstanding versatility and load capacity in the payload segment up to 30 tonnes, and because of its easy handling.

Spedition Kübler was presented with the first new SCHEUERLE EuroCompact FL02 by Area Sales Manager, Martin Rössler. Felix Mangold, Technical Manager of the globally active heavy-load logistics company, took possession of the vehicle at the premises of SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik, a subsidiary of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) belonging to the Otto Rettenmaier entrepreneurial family, in Pfedelbach. "With the two-axle EuroCompact low-bed semi-trailer, we can now offer our customers additional services in the payload class up to 30 tonnes."

EuroCompact FL02 can be used extremely flexibly
In future, Kübler will be able to carry out oversized transport assignments with the EuroCompact FL02. This includes not only machine relocations but also the transportation of construction machinery and particularly sensitive and costly shipments. "The new EuroCompact model is also an extremely versatile transport solution because of its extensive range of equipment," explained Mangold. According to the Spedition Kübler manager, this is especially important these days in order to optimise the vehicle utilisation capacity. Because every load and return load contributes to the economic efficiency of the low-bed trailer.

Every kilo of payload counts in vehicles with only two axles
In addition, the new EuroCompact FL02 is capable of handling loads of up to over 37,000 kg which is an outstanding level of payload in this segment. "Especially in vehicles with only two axles, every kilo of payload counts and the new EuroCompact is up to 20 per cent lighter than comparable models from the competition," emphasized the Technical Manager. Because heavy-load logistic providers are also fighting for every inch of loading height, Mangold is also very enthusiastic about the low bed of the new EuroCompact FL02 whose height is only 200 millimetres. As a result, this means that the loading height of the flat bed deck is merely 300 millimetres.

EuroCompact FL is highly manoeuvrable
Another purchase argument for Kübler is the easy handling characteristic of the semi-trailer. The impressive lift of 650 millimeters in the pendulum axle bogie unit, in conjunction with the large steering angle, makes a decisive contribution in ensuring that the vehicle combination can also easily negotiate problem areas. Furthermore, the vehicle is still complies with the single-driver regulation when the telescopic extension is fully extended. Another feature that stands for the outstanding cost-effectiveness of the new EuroCompact because it means that no escort vehicle and additional personnel are required during the transport itself.

High level of safety when separating and connecting the gooseneck
The new Clever Coupling System is also conveniently easy to use. It allows the gooseneck to be separated and connected also on uneven ground and thereby improves driver safety. In addition, Mangold pointed out the logical arrangement of the control elements of the new EuroCompact on the gooseneck. In combination with the optional remote control, they make work operations  considerably easier for the operator.

"An all-round conclusive solution!"
Summing up, Mangold explained: “The new EuroCompact series is the result of SCHEUERLE's decades of experience in the construction of special vehicles. The EuroCompact FL02 is an all-round conclusive solution for meeting our requirements!” The first assignments are already waiting for the new addition to the Kübler vehicle fleet.

A new series for demanding and cost-conscious customers
Under the type designations FL02 and FL03, SCHEUERLE offers a version of the EuroCompact low-bed semi-trailer with two- or three-axle pendulum axle rear bogie for technical payloads of up to 37 or 48 tonnes (depending on the fifth wheel load with speeds of 80 km/h). The new models have been tailored precisely to suit the demanding requirements of customers in the freight forwarding, construction, agricultural and forestry sectors. The new model range also impresses with particularly low maintenance costs and simple handling.

Premium quality “Made in Pfedelbach”
The EuroCompact vehicles of the FL02 and FL03 range with easy-to-operate telescopic slab decks offer a low bed loading length of up to 12,270 and 12,610 millimetres respectively. Noteworthy is also that the basic loading length in the low-bed trailer is 6,620 or 7,610 millimetres. Moreover, they are classified as single-driver vehicles even when fully extended due to their excellent cornering and steering response. In this way, they have set standards regarding performance, safety, reliability as well as ergonomics while providing the usual premium quality from SCHEUERLE.



The EuroCompact FL02 for heavy transport specialist Kübler.

A powerful vehicle for a strong team: Kübler Spedition arrived with a large team for the handover of the first EuroCompact FL02.

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