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Siemens tests fully-electric SCHEUERLE SPMT Light

from the TII Group

  • Siemens draws a positive conclusion after testing the SCHEUERLE SPMT Light
  • SCHEUERLE SPMT Light can be used as an emission-free "all-rounder" inside as well as outdoors

"With the fully electric SPMT Light from SCHEUERLE, we provide one of the most universal and efficient systems for indoor and outdoor use," says Joachim Kolb, Business Development Manager at TII Sales. The vehicle comfortably moves an 86 tonne payload free of emissions and almost without a sound, which is almost a third more than competing systems. Loading is carried out either by driving under the load and lifting the hydraulically supported vehicle or with the help of available hall and site cranes. The main feature of the SPMT Light series is the compact design of the vehicle modules. The platform dimensions of 6000 x 2438 mm with 4 pendulum axes guarantee optimum flexibility for smaller transport tasks, e.g. in production halls. Naturally, the SPMT Light also features the familiar advantages of the well-known SCHEUERLE SPMT, such as the robust design of the bogie units and the electronic multi-directional steering complete with all tried and tested steering programs. This means that the vehicle can be steered and positioned extremely accurately.The 700 mm lift always ensures sufficient space for lifting and positioning loads also in a vertical direction.

SPMTs of the TII Group
In the second half of the 20th century, a trend began which would change the entire transport industry for ever. With the first self-propelled transport modules in the shipbuilding sector and SPMT (Self- Propelled Modular Transporter) developed by SCHEUERLE in the late 1970s and early 1980s, payload possibilities suddenly increased which today, in principle, are almost limitless. Seventy per cent of all transports over 3,000 tonnes and ninety per cent of all transports over 5,000 tonnes are now carried out on modular, self-propelled vehicles from the TII Group. As a result, modular manufacturing has now entered the oil and gas industry, shipbuilding and many other industrial sectors. Unit weights of 17,200 tonnes – a world record - have already been transported using SPMTs from the TII Group.

Siemens tests the integration of the SCHEUERLE SPMT Light at the Mülheim plant

Long loads can also be moved easily, quietly and without emissions with the SCHEUERLE SPMT Light.

Future-proof and durable: the SCHEUERLE SPMT Light always stores sufficient energy for its various tasks

thanks to the state-of-the-art battery and charging technology.

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