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Reiser Schwertransport GmbH on the road

with the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact

  • Reiser Schwertransport GmbH expands fleet with the addition of the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact 2+4 from the TII Group
  • SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact can be expanded even more flexibly through an additional axle dolly (Smart Axle)

In 2000 Reiser Schwertransport was founded by Stephan Reiser and has since become an important player in the heavy and special transportation sector. For the Bavarian-based company, the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact 2 + 4 made the most favourable impression when it came to choosing the best low-loader for the transport of construction machinery.

"The SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact is simply unmatched regarding the vehicle´s short length, manoeuvrability and light weight – the gooseneck, for example, completely disappears in the dolly," explained Martin Rössler, Area Manager Sales at TII Sales. "A real benefit in its application is the possibility to choose between a 3 or 4-point support which allows completely free adjustment of the lateral inclination," added Stephan Reiser, Managing Director and owner of Reiser Schwertransport GmbH.

Another important purchase argument is presented through the so-called Smart Axles. This is an additional 1 or 2-axle dolly bogie unit which can be coupled between the dolly and deck by means of a hook coupling. This system works in a similar way on the rear boom recess bogie. Here, an additional 1-axle boom recess bogie can be coupled between the deck and boom recess bogie. For the Reiser Schwertransport company, the deck was designed in such a way that the 2+4 combination can be later upgraded to a 3+5 combination. This also provides Reiser with the flexibility and required safety features in order to be prepared for future transport tasks. The 1.50 metre wheelbase (1.36m also available) will protect roads and bridges as well as simplifying approval procedures.

In addition to the optimized combination length, particular attention was paid during the development of the EuroCompact to ensure the widest possible excavator boom recess. Another distinguishing feature is the junction between the decks and boom recess bogie. Here, several pressure strips allow the rapid installation of different decks with different heights. Particular mention should also be made of the integrated continuous fifth wheel load adjustment which is a standard feature.

Manoeuvrable and short: the SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroCompact is a popular all-rounder for the transport of construction vehicles

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