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Otto Rettenmaier, founder of the TII-Group,

celebrates his 90th birthday

On 28th July, the Heilbronn-based businessman Otto Rettenmaier celebrated his ninetieth birthday. For 70 years, he has been involved in a wide range of entrepreneurial activities. For almost 30 years, he has also been actively writing the history of heavy-duty transport. The TII Group that he founded is the world market leader in the manufacture of heavy-duty vehicles with hydraulically supported pendulum axles.

Since the takeover under the leadership of Otto Rettenmaier of the traditional companies SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS, KAMAG, numerous groundbreaking developments and top performances have been achieved. The youngest Group member, TII India, with production in Bawal, south of Delhi also made a successful start in spring. In 1989, just one year after the acquisition of SCHEUERLE, the first mega transport with 6,500 tonnes of payload took place on SCHEUERLE SPMTs; in 1990, it was 8,100 tonnes, in 1994 11,000 tonnes was reached while in 2004 this was increased to 15,000 tonnes - the world's heaviest transport on SPMTs that had ever been carried out. NICOLAS and KAMAG have also achieved many records since then - the strongest slag pot carrier, the most powerful ship section lift transporter both as a single vehicle and as groups of coupled units, gigantic cable drum transporter, rocket stage transporter for NASA, the world's most powerful tractor, Tractomas, with over 1,000 horsepower, hybrid-driven AGV vehicles, interchangeable lifting truck with electric drive for yard logistics - to mention just a few.

Technologically convincing modular and compact road vehicles have a long tradition at the TII Group as SCHEUERLE laid the foundations for modern-day heavy-duty transport with the innovation of the hydraulically supported pendulum axle back in 1956. Today, ninety per cent of all transports over 5,000 tonnes are carried out using vehicles from the TII Group - a testimonial to an impressive achievement realized in this particular chapter of his life which speaks for itself. After all, Otto Rettenmaier was already 62 years old when he acquired SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik in 1988 which he brought together with NICOLAS under one roof seven years later thus resulting in the birth of the TII Group. KAMAG was added in 2004 with TII India in 2015. Retirement remains an alien concept for the passionate entrepreneur who still goes to the office every day and discusses future investments in the heavy-duty transport group with the company´s management. Importantly, for the future of the TII family-owned business, he has carefully resolved the issue of succession. All shares are held by family members who are also represented in the management as well as the supervisory board.

The workforce of the TII Group congratulated him on his 90th birthday at this year's joint summer party with a long standing ovation along with a number of very original gifts as an expression of their appreciation and loyalty.

Multi-entrepreneur Otto Rettenmaier celebrates his 90th birthday together with employees from the TII Group at the company´s summer party.

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