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Mammoet wins prestigious ESTA award:

SCHEUERLE Trailer Power Assist (TPA) does an outstanding job

The European Association of Heavy Lift and Abnormal Load Hauliers (ESTA) has presented Mammoet with the ESTA Award 2020. The internationally active heavy lift logistics company received the coveted award in the innovation category for the use of Trailer Power Assist (TPA). Developed together with SCHEUERLE, the drive system replaces additional tractor units thus providing a particularly sustainable transport solution. TPA increases efficiency and reduces the CO₂ footprint.

SCHEUERLE, a company of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) owned by the Rettenmaier entrepreneurial family from Heilbronn, congratulates Mammoet, the international heavy lift logistics company, on winning the ESTA Award 2020 in the "Innovation: End User” category. The Association's expert jury awarded the prize for the use of “the revolutionary Trailer Power Assist (TPA) technology”. Mammoet used the system for an extremely demanding heavy lift assignment featuring numerous very challenging gradients in Norway.

TPA is a joint development by Mammoet and SCHEUERLE
Together with Mammoet, SCHEUERLE developed the revolutionary Trailer Power Assist (TPA). With an engine performance of 1,000 hp and a hydraulic drive, the TPA, which is based on the modular K25 platform trailer from SCHEUERLE and drives four of the total of six axle lines with a PPU, provides more power than any other solution in this category. The result is a trailer with a traction force of 400 kilonewtons which corresponds to that of two conventional truck tractors.

So, TPA makes a pulling vehicle combination consisting of several tractor units superfluous. As a result, the total weight as well as the length of the transport combination are thus significantly reduced. This makes the TPA a flexible and safe alternative to multi-truck configurations along with being a particularly sustainable and cost-effective alternative also for the heaviest of transport assignments.

Another highlight: at speeds above 28 km/h, the TPA switches to the so-called freewheel mode and the tractor unit drives up to the permitted road speed, which significantly reduces the duration of the transport.

SCHEUERLE develops its highly innovative transport solutions for and with customers in order to achieve the greatest possible benefits in transport practice. The vehicle manufacturer naturally offers the TPA to all other customers.

Expert jury awards coveted ESTA Prize
By its own account, ESTA (European Association of Abnormal Road Transport And Mobile Cranes) is the leading European association for heavy-duty and over-size road transportation and mobile cranes. The ESTA Awards are decided on by a jury of experts. Due to the corona pandemic, the winners of the ESTA Awards were announced during an online award ceremony in front of 400 delegates. ESTA reported a record number of submissions for this year's awards. A maximum of four finalists was short-listed in each of the ten categories. This year, the jury selected the ten winners from 38 finalists from 24 companies and 13 countries.

Excellent work: The Trailer Power Assist (TPA) from SCHEUERLE was developed in close collaboration with Mammoet. It replaces two conventional tractor units and is therefore a particularly sustainable solution.

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