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Maintenance free and tyre-friendly:

BigMove – buys EuroAxle fleet

A resounding success for the new, maintenance-free and tyre-preserving individual wheel suspension from SCHEUERLE (TII Group): a total of twelve EuroAxle vehicles have been acquired by the BigMove Network which comprises thirteen medium-sized company locations in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Poland. The new SCHEUERLE axle technology convinced the management, purchasing and technical department representatives of the BigMove Network companies that altogether have 550 years of market experience and over four billion kilometres of road experience.

"Through the use of structurally identical SCHEUERLE EuroAxle vehicles, we are able to distribute transport assignments among the member companies in the event of any bottlenecks. Approval processes are also simplified,"explained Horst Wallek, Managing Director of BigMove member, Wallek Spezialtransporte. The new vehicles will be used for European-wide special transports as 5 or 7-axle vehicles depending on whether or not a 2-axle bogie unit is suspended on the telescopic beam.

"The SCHEUERLE EuroAxle can play its trump cards to the full regarding the high level of reliability in continuous operation. Thanks to the linear stroke, there is no faulty camber and no track offset; in the construction, we dispensed with the need for lubrication points throughout - this results in an unrivelled extremely low tyre wear and makes the system virtually maintenance-free," according to Joachim Kolb, Manager of Market Research and Development at TII Sales.

Furthermore, the vehicles score with their high ground clearance, low unsprung mass for maximum running smoothness and completely piped hydraulics make the hose changes unnecessary and hose breakage impossible.

The SCHEUERLE Euro Axle is maintenance-free and ensures extremely low tyre wear

Andreas Kohler, Managing Director SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik, Horst Wallek, Managing Director Wallek Spezialtransporte, Marlo Gutmann, Managing Director Gutmann Spezialtransporte and Joachim Kolb, Area Manager Sales , TII Sales GmbH after the signing of the contract.

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