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Intermat 2018:

TII Group presents compact vehicles for heavy-duty transport in Paris

"Always right at the forefront" aptly describes the TII Group, global leader in the production of heavy-duty vehicles with hydraulically supported pendulum axles. The same applies at this year's Intermat 2018 (Stand E6 B 046). The fair takes place from 23.04. to 28.04.2018 in Paris. The TII Group (Transporter Industry International GmbH) has united the specialists  for the production of heavy-load transport vehicles - SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS, KAMAG and TIIGER - under this name. New developments being showcased on the TII Group stand include the premiere of the 2-axle EuroCompact and K25 M SL Split Module as well as the first presentation of the EuroAxles in France.

The focus of the vehicles being exhibited at Intermat this year is on the EuroCompact series. The extremely manoeuvrable EuroCompact platform trailer, now used Europe-wide, is ideally suited for the transport of industrial and construction machinery, transformers, stone crushers and the like. The EuroCompact U8 is an extension of this series and will be available for visitors to see at first hand. The weight and height-optimized vehicle is ideal for any transport assignment involving payloads up to 30 tonnes and has a wide range of decks.

Also on display is the NICOLAS SMDEL-TP which makes an impressive case through its optimized load length that is the result of the compact design.

With the EuroAxle, the TII Group expects an increased level of interest from French customers. The vehicle, designed for heavy-duty transport assignments on European roads, impresses among other things with its patented independent wheel suspension and maintenance-free operations as well as low wear and tear on the wheels. The vehicle lacks virtually any moving parts and offers a unique way of adjusting the driving height. In addition, the EuroAxle is the lightest trailer with independent wheel suspension on the market. "Less dead weight means more payload and a simplified approval procedure - here, our engineers have created a tangible benefit for our customers”, according to Bernd Schwengsbier, Managing Director of TII Sales.

The vehicles being showcased at the Intermat, however, are not only geared towards the French market but also for global customers as usual. In so doing, the TII Group has set new standards in particular when it comes to the vehicle's dead weight. Due to the reduction in the dead weight itself - primarily for the benefit of European operators - the K25 M (also on display in Paris) allows more payload per axle line whilst fully taking into account the existing axle load restrictions currently in force in Europe. The lightweight modular platform trailer is used for light to medium loads and, furthermore, can easily be coupled with the K25 series thus extending the range of applications for these vehicles.

The SCHEUERLE-KAMAG K25 PowerBooster (PB) heavy-duty transport all-rounder will also be on display for Intermat visitors. This modular platform trailer with its additional drive unit stands in particular through its versatility and multiple combination possibilities. Its 5-in-1 solution includes a shiftable PowerPackUnit (PPU), which can be activated by the driver before negotiating critical inclines and provides the required thrust. The PowerBooster can function in very long combinations as a prime mover, but also as a pusher machine at the rear.

The robust SCHEUERLE-NICOLAS EuroFlex is also part of the exhibits at the Intermat, and  which has been developed to create an extendable air-sprung semi-trailer for accommodating loads of up to 100 tonnes.

There is "still a lot planned for this year" regarding the topic of lightweight road vehicles says the TII Group. Moreover, numerous lively discussions are expected during the trade fair.

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