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Gulf Haulage Heavy Lift Co. erects Saudi Arabia`s first wind power plant

with equipment from SCHEUERLE

  • Gulf Haulage Heavy Lift Co. transports Saudi Arabia`s first wind power plant on 36 SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines
  • Milestone for renewable energies in oil-rich Saudi Arabia

SPMTs from SCHEUERLE recently made a substantial contribution in the creation of a very historic moment. In the Saudi Arabian town of Dharan, they were deployed by the Gulf Haulage Heavy Lift Co. to erect the first Saudi Arabian wind turbine facility. 36 SPMT axle lines moved the 58 metre long rotor blades - three of many that will follow in due course. GHHL decided in favour of using an SPMT because the route to the installation site passed through an oil refinery and featured a number of difficult passages which had to be carefully negotiated. Thanks to the comprehensive range of available electronic steering programs, SPMTs from the TII Group bring the required manoeuvrability for such difficult routes "ex works". By 2023, Saudi Arabia aims to produce 9,500 megawatts of wind and solar power. The wind turbine erected in Dharan is the first step in this direction supplying 250 households with energy each year thus saving 18,600 barrels of oil annually.

For meeting the diverse transport requirements present in the wind power sector, the TII Group manufactures special transport solutions such as the wind turbine blade transporter developed and patented by SCHEUERLE. With its lifting, lowering and slewing function, this ensures easier manoeuvring in tight corners as well as on uneven terrain or reaching assembly sites situated in forested areas. "With an installation angle up to 70°, our customers can transport rotor blades virtually in an upright position using our rotor blade adapter and thus easily and safely avoid any obstacles”, explained Bernd Schwengsbier, Managing Director of TII Sales.

SCHEUERLE, NICOLAS, KAMAG and TIIGER also offer suitable equipment for the transport of machine houses and wind tower segments. The portfolio ranges from tower adapters and supporting tips for wind tower transports, telescopic trailers for simple and economical rotor blade transports through to modular self-propelled or towed platform trailers for the transportation of nacelles.


SPMTs of the TII Group

In the second half of the 20th century, a trend began that would forever change the entire transportation industry. With the first self-propelled transport modules used in shipbuilding and the SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter) developed by SCHEUERLE in the late nineteen-seventies and early nineteen-eighties, the potential payloads suddenly increased and which today are basically unlimited. Today, seventy per cent of all transports over 3,000 tonnes and ninety per cent of all transports over 5,000 tonnes are performed on modular, self-propelled vehicles from the TII Group. Thus, modular manufacturing has gained a foothold in the oil and gas industry, shipbuilding and many other sectors. Unit weights of 15,000 tonnes - world record - have already been transported with SPMTs from the TII Group.

Safely stowed – SPMTs of the TII Group are just one of the numerous types of vehicles manufactured by the Heilbronn-based company group which are suitable for transporting wind power plants.

Versatile transport assignments – behind the rotor blade on 36 SCHEUERLE SPMT axle lines, tower segments are waiting to be shipped to their final destination – the TII Group also produces special equipment for this.

A question of experience – with cost-effective and safe transport solutions, the TII Group facilitates a mobile wind energy sector mobile – a 62-metre long rotor blade on a SCHEUERLE rotor blade adapter is shown here in the photo.

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