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First high-speed trimaran ferry leaves on SPMT from SCHEUERLE:

Module transporters master even narrow spaces with ease in Australia

  • 80 SPMT axle lines in use at Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift in Australia
  • SALSA software from SCHEUERLE enables route planning
  • Spectacular video shows time-lapse transport

With the help of a total of 80 SPMT axle lines, the more than 700 tonne and almost 83 meter long high-speed ferry Queen Beetle got from the production hall to the water. The heavy goods professionals at Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift did a precision job and were able to rely on the "made in Pfedelbach" technology.

The Queen Beetle, a high-speed trimaran ferry, will soon connect the Japanese city of Fukuoka with the South Korean port metropolis of Busan and will reach a speed of 37 knots (almost 70 km / h) during the crossing. But before it could be used for the first time, the 83.5-meter-long and empty 770-ton ship had to get from the production hall to the water. It was less rapid. This made the demands of the valuable goods in terms of safety and precision all the higher. The Austal, manufacturer of the Queen Beetle, commissioned the heavy goods specialists from Tutt Bryant Heavy Lift & Shift (TBHLS) to carry out the transport on the site of the shipyard in Henderson in Western Australia.

Two SPMT platforms, each with 40 axle lines and two PPUs, do the hard work
The TBHLS experts used two 40 SPMT axle lines (Self Propelled Modular Transporter) from SCHEUERLE, a company of the Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group), to bring the 1130-ton transport, including the axle lines and transport racks, to the water. In addition, two PPU (Power Pack Units), which also come from SCHEUERLE, were used to generate the drive power for the two SPMT transport platforms. The SPMT axle lines are part of the vehicle fleet of the Australia Marine Complex (AMC), which manages the vehicles while TBHLS operates them.

Precise steering allows you to avoid obstacles
The route from the production hall to the ship lift, with the help of which the Queen Beetle was to get into the water, was full of obstacles at the time of the transport. Numerous other boats were maintained on the area. For the SPMT and the experienced team of TBHLS operators, this was not an insurmountable obstacle. Thanks to the wealth of experience and the sophisticated electronic steering of the module transporter, which allows a positioning accuracy of +/- two millimeters, they navigated the high-tech ferry precisely Aim - despite sharp turns and other spectacular maneuvers. “I had the privilege to be involved on projects that utilized the 1st generation SPMT up to the 3rd generation and most of the SPMT operators I’ve worked with have common conclusion, that the functionality of the SCHEUERLE SPMT’s is more superior compared to other models”; says Felix Marquez Jr., Senior Project Engineer at TBHLS.

SALSA software from SCHEUERLE enables planning of the transport route
According to Felix Marquez Jr., the SCHEUERLE planning software SALSA plus also contributed to the successful execution of the transport. With their help, so-called sweep path simulations (areas covered by the transport) could be used to calculate how obstacles on the transport route can be safely avoided.

With 500 passengers and 37 knots from Japan to South Korea
In the end, the Queen Beetle landed safely on the water. Now she can pick up speed and plow through the ocean at 37 knots and carry more than 500 passengers from Japan to South Korea and back per crossing.

SPMT stand for unlimited payload
As early as 1983, SCHEUERLE developed the modular SPMT transport platforms and thus sustainably improved the way in which high loads are transported. The payload increased suddenly due to the diverse coupling options with the introduction of the SPMT. Today SPMT combinations reach theoretically unlimited payloads. This allows industry to pre-produce and then transport ever larger plants. The advantage for companies is ever greater economic efficiency. SPMT axle lines from SCHEUERLE are therefore very popular transport solutions worldwide. The company is the market leader in this segment.

The Queen Beetle safely came from the production hall to the ship lift on two SCHEUERLE SPMT platforms, each with 40 axle lines.

Source: Austal / TBHLS

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