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300,000 km

between the Mediterranean and Baltic Sea

Less dead weight equals more payload. This maxim has been consistently implemented in the Ultralight Combi from SCHEUERLE (TII Group). Tomislav Sajko, owner of the Croatian haulage contractor, Zagrebački Transporti, would also not want to be without it. Delivered in 2013, his Ultralight Combi has been operating for 300,000 kilometers without any downtime, and another has already been ordered.

“The road system in the area aound our company premises is well developed but the situation is often very different in the hinterland of Croatia," says Tomislav Sajko. "Added to this are also ferries, roundabouts and coastal roads – this is why we need a particularly manoeuvrable vehicle with a 2.55 m width otherwise there is no way through."

Since the acquisition of the first vehicle in 2013, Zagrebački transporti has continuously reordered axle elements and add-on components in order to cope with the wide range of combinations resulting from the increasing amount of transport assignments taken on by the company. The lion's share of this is the transportation of transformers throughout Europe as Zagrebački transporti is the partner of the two largest manufacturers in the region. “The Ultralight Combi made a very favourable impression with our customers - no delays, no breakdowns, no complicated detours - which is crucial for us as well as them", said Tomislav Sajko.

As a reliable combination vehicle with a 12-tonne axle load, 2.55 m width, 650 mm axle compensation and a 60° steering angle, the SCHEUERLE UltralightCombi is at home on the roads of Europe, and can additionally be coupled with the SCHEUERLE InterCombi and EuroCombi models and their accessories. Thus, it is often purchased as a weight-optimized enhancement vehicle for existing fleets. With a flat bed deck total height of 250 mm, high loads are also no problem to move while the UltralightCombi corresponds to all current EU guidelines with its 12 t axle load at 80 km/h and 2.55 m width and can be approved without any difficulty.



Smooth passage - the SCHEUERLE UltralightCombi from Zagrebački transporti on its way to Norway. Transports throughout Europe are no problem with the approval-friendly vehicle.

With an EC-compliant 2.55m width, the SCHEUERLE UltralightCombi allows the use of standard ferry crossings.

Challenging: the roads in the Croatian hinterland. However, the 2.55m wide, tip-resistant SCHEUERLE UltralightCombi with a 650 mm axle compensation and 60° steering angle is completely unfazed.

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