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Efficience pour l'industrie minière

Dans les conditions les plus difficiles

Large machines like hydraulic excavators, bucket wheel excavators, and other equipment can be moved economically and safely to different sites of operation with SCHEUERLE self-propelled modular transporters as well as with modular platform trailers .

If the transport is going to be on public roads, products of the SCHEUERLE Combi series can be used as semi-trailers or as trailer combination together with the extensive SCHEUERLE transport equipment for the optimal solution of your transport tasks.

  • Transport of heavy mining equipment with self-propelled modular transporters. Additionally, SCHEUERLE industry transporters can also be used for the transport of mining equipment. 
  • Abnormal load in underground mining: driverless transport systems (AGV) for special tasks.
  • Transport of tunnel construction elements (tubbing sections) with the SCHEUERLE Beaver
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