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TII Group: full-range supplier

for the metallurgical industry

  • Logistical solutions from the TII Group are an integral part of the industry
  • Consultation aspect is becoming increasingly more important - TII Group engineers support customers in designing efficient logistical processes

Increasing efficiency in heavy-duty logistics is an on-going issue for the metal-producing industry whereby consistently low steel prices force companies to constantly reduce costs. Experienced TII Group sales staff provide valuable support in this and discover savings potential that can be exploited by means of the group's flexible and efficient transport systems. As a full-range supplier, it offers solutions for heavy-duty logistics where all transport tasks along the value-added chain can be mastered.

The spectrum ranges from slag, coil and molten steel transport through to the handling of scrap or moving palletized or non-palletized products by means of industrial lift transporters. "The recent deliveries to Eastern European countries and the Middle East have further strengthened our position as a full-range supplier," said Bernd Schwengsbier, CSO of the TII Group. "Today, receiving expert advice is very much the focus for our customers as the vehicle itself. Which solution is efficient, reliable, service-friendly and cost-effective? In order to show where there is still potential for savings, we also put our decades of experience into the equation", added Schwengsbier.

"The interchangeable drive unit for articulated vehicles that we offer is an excellent example of how we understand user-friendliness - we think in solutions! Thanks to the simple replacement of the entire engine unit during maintenance, we save our customers both time and money, "explains Helmut Maier, Area Manager Sales at TII Sales. KAMAG offers the quick-change option for a large number of articulated vehicles such as slag pot carriers, scrap basket or slab transporters.

Scrap basket transporters from the TII Group drastically reduce turnaround times.

Up to 150 tonnes of molten slag with temperatures of 1300°C - TII Group's slag pot transporters make a very convincing case during transport operations thanks to their fast pick up and setting down procedures, low ride height and comprehensive range of safety features.

Vehicles of the TII Group Group move loads of all types and sizes quickly, safely and reliably - either with a protective driver´s cab or open as a non-cassette carrier for transporting sheet metal stacks.

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