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Nicolas Industrie SAS

NICOLAS Industrie is based in the town of Champs-sur-Yonne, in the Bourgogne region of France, which is around a 90-minute drive to the south of Paris. 180 employees develop and manufacture special vehicles as well as the world's largest tractor, the Tractomas, on the 90,000 m² company premises.

The roots of NICOLAS go way back to the year 1855 when Claude Chambard began with vehicle production in Auxerre. In 1890, NICOLAS had a workforce of 35 employees which had then increased to 85 by 1918. In 1925, Jean Nicolas became Managing Director and acquired the company in 1935. NICOLAS Industrie SAS was subsequently named after him which still holds true today.

Mass production of lightweight trailers and heavy-duty lowbed trailers in Auxerre began in the 1950s. The first hydraulically-supported vehicle modules followed in 1958 while in the 1960s serial production of modular road vehicles was running at full capacity and the first models with goosenecks, hydraulic ramps or side girder decks advanced the payload range up to 400 tonnes. From the 1970s onwards, breakthroughs succeeded in the trailer mass market, self-propelled vehicles and special vehicle construction. Further developments included not only the first reel carrier but also the legendary Tractomas whose latest version is documented in the Guinness Book of Records as the strongest tractor in the world.

Within the TII Group, NICOLAS is today a centre of competence for special vehicles such as reel carriers, tractors or self-propelled modular vehicles for special fields of application such as the production of wind turbines, the nuclear industry or energy sector in general.



Worldwide, reel carriers from NICOLAS move cable drums and hose reels with weights reaching up to 400 tonnes. In this way, they ensure efficient and cost-effective operations in the energy supplier sector.

Recognized as the strongest tractor in the world, the NICOLAS Tractomas moves gigantic loads. Since the end of the 1970s, the vehicle has undergone continuous further development and, at the end of 2015, was used for the first time in the mining industry where the savings it achieved far exceeded expectations. With 1150 hp and a 32-litre displacement, the latest generation of this tried and tested behemoth can transport four dumping bodies with a total load of 350 tonnes.

Cask transporters from NICOLAS safely and reliably move containers filled with hazardous substances at temperatures down to -45°C - an enormous technical challenge. The basis for these special vehicles is the proven NICOLAS MHD G2 which is successfully used around the world. The high bending moment allows the absorption of concentrated loads whilst the robust design guarantees trouble-free operations even under the toughest of conditions.