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TII India has been part of the TII Group since 2014, and the 100-strong workforce at the Bawal-based company (near Delhi) produces vehicles under the TIIGER brand name for heavy-duty transport assignments. Indian customers also benefit from the experience along with the outstanding engineering capabilities and global market leadership of the TII Group in the production of vehicles with hydraulically-supported pendulum axles.

With the delivery of the first TIIGER Extender vehicles, robust and maintenance-friendly telescopic semi-trailers which are ideal for transporting bulky loads such as wind turbine blades and bridge components, TII India can already speak of a small success story just one year after its official kick-off event with representatives from politics and the local heavy-duty transportation sector. As expected, demand for the company's vehicles is high and production is running at full capacity. India is a growth market not least because of its extensive investment in transport and energy infrastructure.



  • The TIIGER Extender/Ballast Trailer is excellent for the transport of bulky loads, e.g. wind turbine blades and bridge components. Thanks to the lightweight construction and large steering angle, the TIIGER Extender and TIIGER Ballast Trailer are extremely manoeuvrable and easy to handle.
  • With the TIIGER Heavy Duty, TII India offers a vehicle for all load cases. Based on the proven pendulum axle technology, it is not only extremely reliable but also very road-friendly and is well suited to deal with difficult road conditions due to its hydraulic axle compensation.
  • The TIIGER Carry is a multi-purpose semi-trailer for transport assignments on public roads. It is characterized by a low loading area, optimum payload-to-weight ratio and an innovative deck extension concept. Self-positioning loading ramp support accelerates loading and unloading operations.