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Stress and relaxation techniques in the trainee fitness programme

- For the health of our trainees, we like to make a difference

Tension due to sitting for long hours, exam stress and performance pressure – there are numerous reasons for stress and, unfortunately, this is an issue even at a young age. In order to prevent this occuring, especially in the case of our trainees, course leader Sandra Wittman from the AOK health insurance company visited the TII Group for a total of three days. She pointed out dangerously understated stress factors and their consequences, and showed SCHEUERLE trainees how to tackle them in a targeted manner.

Thereby, our trainees learned how to use breathing techniques and specific forms of massage to relieve tension and counteract stress at an early stage. We would like to thank Sandra Wittman for the very interesting and informative seminar as well as for the helpful tips which will certainly strengthen the health of our trainees.

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