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as one of Germany's innovation leaders

In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z.), SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik has been honoured as one of Germany's biggest innovation leaders, far ahead of commercial vehicle manufacturers with similar products. In a study carried out by renowned institutes such as Prognos, IMWF and F.A.Z., a total of 33,000 German companies were surveyed of which only 1% received the title of "Germany's Innovation Leader". Decisive factors for the evaluation of the points were, on the one hand, the innovativeness and the worldwide patent pending developments during the past 10 years and, on the other, the “Impact on Others. In addition, the study organisers divided the companies surveyed into different fields of technology. Likewise, the decisive factor was the proof regarding how much of the innovation itself originated in Germany.

This award once again underlines the innovative strength and know-how that SCHEUERLE has always demonstrated. As early as 1937, the first low-bed trailer with a detachable bogie unit and mechanical all-wheel steering was realised. In 1959, SCHEUERLE developed the design principle for a hydraulically supported pendulum axle which made it possible to install several axles in a row in order to carry higher payloads. This technical solution still forms the basis of today´s heavy-duty transport operations. SCHEUERLE has also made a name for itself around the world with the invention of the SPMT and, in the meantime, is the world market leader with approx. 20,000 axle lines in use. This year, SCHEUERLE celebrates its 150th anniversary.

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