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Models of the TII Group on display

at the Schwerlastgruppe Saar exhibition

A range of model TII Group transporters made an impressive appearance at the fifth exhibition organized by the Schwerlastgruppe Saar (a heavy-load transport and model making fan group) where, once again, different vehicles of well-known crane and heavy transport companies were exhibited in real-life scenarios. These included a SCHEUERLE KAMAG K25 plus PPU with a generator as load and an InterCombi PB complete with blade adapter and rotor blade. Made by IMC using a 1:50 scale, the models made a very convincing case through the excellent quality and great attention to detail. Each model is carefully hand painted, assembled, decorated and tested. One particular highlight is the moving components of the faithfully reproduced models. For example, two bogie units can be coupled to one another, the axles can be moved as required, and the load can be removed from the vehicle.

In our shop, many other fantastic models are available as well as useful accessories and clothing in the well-known SCHEUERLE design.

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